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Paid Survey Pitfalls

Aug 17, 2007
Paid surveys continue to grow in popularity and are now a typical marketing research tool for marketing companies to gather consumer information and thoughts on a wide variety of topics. The thought of being paid for taking a survey hasn't quite hit home yet to the wider community given it's perceived simplicity; after all, being rewarded either through monetary gain or goods in kind for just answering a few questions just doesn't add up, right?

There is method behind the "madness" though. Think back to when you last filled out a survey for free. Did it seem like an imposition? Was there some place else you would have rather been? Was it wasting your valuable time? Did you put any thought into your answers. Truth probably is that people filling out free surveys are more inclined to give quick and cheeky answers. Now if you were actually beid paid to complete a survey do you think you would put a little more effort into completing it. The answer is more than likely a resounding yes and marketing companies have woken up to this fact.

How Much Can I Make?

One misconception is that paid surveys are the answer to a person's financial problems. Please understand; except for a select few, doing paid surveys will in most cases, provide some extra cash for the month but won't bring you financial independence as some claim. In reality, participating should be seen as a way of supplementing your current income with a few extra dollars. Granted, there are people making a very good living but in the main, these are usually survey veterans who know the business inside out and have probably had to go through a few trials and tribulations to get where they are.

Should I Be A Little Skeptical?

Like anything in life, there will always be "bad apples in the tray" and paid survey sites are no exception. It's good policy to be wary of sites offering hundreds of dollars an hour. Reality is that while you can make some great part time income, truth is that payments of a few dollars a survey or goods in return is the more likely scenario.

Be wary of having to pay a fee to join a survey site. Generally, you will be paying for the privilege of getting a list of companies offering to pay for surveys. You get the same information from free to join directories without parting with your hard-earned cash.

Which Sites Should I Join?

This is a difficult question because there is a lot of trial and error involved in finding the most legitimate sites. However, this following checklist is a good "rule of thumb" to follow and should save you a lot of frustration:

- Avoid offers of hundreds of dollars from sites to take a survey.
- Avoid sites offering incentives such as expensive products just to take a survey.
- Concentrate on sites who give you a payment figure up front and sites who work on a redeemable points system.
- And the "old chestnut"... if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.

In the final analysis it will be your decision. Just remember to read over any contract agreements carefully and that you understand exactly what is being offered. Be wary of any hype and if the company is contactable via either physical and email address plus telephone, then you should investigate further. Testimonials from satisfied paid survey participants are usually an excellent lead.
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