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Adding Streaming Video To Web Site-- Elevate Your Advertising Campaign

Jun 30, 2008
Adding streaming video to web sites is one of effective methods to market your products or services around the Internet. It has been proven by various studies that a video on web offers more convincing power that a plain text advertising.

If you want to to embed videos on your website you must be oriented with some gadgets that help to create videos. In this topic, we focus on ipod video.

The new iPod video became popular because of its huge memory and the capacity of playing video, due to its slim design and longer life battery. Still, there are voices that point out numbers disadvantages and highlight different negative aspects.

Taking into account that there are few perfect things created by the human hand, these aspects may be used by the iPod video creators for further developments. Thus, the customer's reviews are very essential and the suggestions may be really taken into account.

The fact that the screen is larger is great, but the surface is easy to scratch, aspect that is more in the cons category. Although the image is excellent and the clarity screen may be easily compared with the quality of TV set's screen, there are still some problems with freezing video images. There is a great achievement the fact that the light, sun or other previous obstacles are annihilated, but another substantial problem is the unresponsiveness in some cases.

The dimensions of the new iPod video are great, but there is no way you may watch it with more than numbers of persons. Anyway, it was created for personal not collective needs and you may still share your photo album and music or video music preferences with one person. The flat screen is huge enough to enjoy your favorite videos.

The amazing new features concern the sound quality-- it is clearer and stronger with a bass that is stronger articulated, the sound is also louder than that of the previous products. The other good features are the easy control, the video feature is categorized with "great", but the flaws regard the interruption of the tune between the tracks, being blanked out. There are still other suggestions with regards to the battery life, taking into account the amount of music that the new iPod video has.

The pros may be gathered together pointing out the thin and attractive enclosure with a nice display, the best sound, 15-20 hours of music, new clock and the time in other places of the world. The cons highlight the incompleteness of the video integration that suggests the experimental project aspect, absence of the new games, no changes in the interface, the smaller screen than expected particularly for video features edition. Another disadvantage concerns the slow transfer of images direct from the camera.
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