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YouTube and Examples to Build Your Business

Jun 30, 2008
YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet and its popularity continues to grow. Anyone is able to upload videos and find content that they want to find. Companies use it as an advertising tool to raise brand awareness or to show off new marketing campaigns. This article will give two different points: why you want to include YouTube as part of your Internet strategy and why you may want to consider building a website like YouTube.

YouTube, as previously mentioned, is used by many companies to benefit their brands. Companies have used the website as a way to break out new small series such as soap operas or television shows with short life spans or to showcase new modeling talent. The beauty behind YouTube is that it is viral. A video which you create and send to friends can continue to be recommended to other friends and so on. This gives you the opportunity to have a large audience view potential materials you may post to make people aware of your company in a very short period of time. You can also do research to find what types of campaigns your niche audience is viewing so that you can create marketing materials such as videos which fit with their tastes. This website will allow you to easily do marketing research at no cost whatsoever.

You may want to consider developing a website like YouTube for the simple fact that you can give your niche audience a place to go for their passions. It can build immediate brand credibility so that people can trust you and your company. It is much harder to get a new client than to have an existing client buy from you and it is also easier to have someone buy from you who is a warm lead versus a cold lead. By developing a website like YouTube, you are allowing your niche audience to become comfortable with your brand on their own terms. This ensures that you have an audience who will consider buying products from you which solve their problems because they are family with you.

Developing a website like YouTube or simply using a website like YouTube can have strong positive implications on your business. You need to consider this because if you dont, your competitors will. There are always leaders in business and there are always those following. You can afford to make more mistakes as the leader in building the route than when following.
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