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Learning About Pest Control For Your Restaurant

Jun 30, 2008
When customers go someplace to eat, they assume that the place is very clean. They expect the cooking area where the foods are kept to be sanitary. If they don't find that to be the case they can contact a health inspector to come in and investigate. Serious violations can result in the business being shut down.

Even if you are taking care of all of this as you should, there is another concern you should deal with. Do your best to take preventative measures against various types of pests. Since you will have food items around you may end up with various types of bugs, mice, or rats.

A while back there were videos all over the internet of fast food locations in New York with rats running around in them. That definitely isn't the type of image you want customers to see of your restaurant. They don't want to be finishing up their meal and then see a mouse scurrying across the floor in front of them.

You should have an exterminator coming in at least a couple of times a year. Due to the areas where your business is it may be prone to certain critters during various times of the year. They can be flexible to take care of it when you don't have customers so it won't become an issue.

You can take measures on your own as well. For example have a device that will capture mice or rats should they get into your storage area. There are plug in sensors you can use as well to keep them away. These give off signals that are offensive to bugs and mice so they won't stick around.

Cockroaches can be extremely difficult to get rid off so make sure if you see one you take action. Chances are there are many more you aren't seeing. They can live in a variety of places to do your best to remove them. Keep food areas cleaned up so that they can't come in and get crumbs. Ants can be a problem too if you aren't keeping things clean enough.

Occasionally you will see signs that certain types of pests have found their way into your restaurant. You need to always be on the lookout for these unwanted guests. Don't ignore the signs such as droppings because the problem won't go away on its own. It is going to be more cost effective to take care of them now. It is important to find someone who has a great reputation for taking care of the little pests. Otherwise you risk losing customers as the word about such problems will spread rapidly.

Having such pests from time to time is normal. It doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong. You just need to make efforts to prevent it from continuing. If you can find where they are coming in at then you can seal off that area. Generally, it is best to hire a professional to evaluate the situation rather than guessing about it yourself.
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