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A Review of the Cooksey Keepsakes Income Opportunity

Jun 30, 2008
Cooksey Keepsakes started out as nothing more than a young mother of three children, with photographic idea. This simple idea has grown into a photography business, addressing the photographic needs of countless families. Cooksey Keepsakes has found a great niche, specializing in unique black and white photography of children.

The company provides photo keepsakes that are not only artistic, but classic in style, capturing the natural essence of the child. They also offer soft color portraits as well as the traditional color style, so familiar today.

There is a lot that sets Cooksey Keepsakes brand of "child" photography apart from others. They offer professional photography in the home. In a short time, the house becomes the studio. They bring in the portable studio with all the props needed, then take care of the photo shoot in the most professional manner, you would come to expect.

Cooksey Keepsakes offers one of those most innovative and original programs you could hope to find in a business opportunity. As a photographic consultant, you coordinate and firm up the schedule of photo shoots as well as the Keepsake Parties; selling their quality products and services that young families really want.

As a Cooksey Keepsakes consultant, this becomes your own home based business. Whether this is a part time, or full time endeavor, you are the one in charge of setting your own hours and career path. Company support and training is offered to all consultants every step of the way.

There is an initial start up fee for a company business kit, of $199.00 USD. The kit is refundable after consultants meet the requirements, with 6 photo parties within the first 60 days.

All the photography is handle by a professional photographer, to provide service for all the photo parties you schedule.

After a Keepsake photo shoot is over, all the guests get together again for a Keepsake Party. This is when the guests are able to place custom orders from the photographic proofs that are looked over.

Before you join a program like this, look over the compensation plan thoroughly and see if it meets your marketing style. If it does, the next step is to find a good upline sponsor. This isn't always the easiest task but is a task that needs to be taken seriously.

Ask for an interview with several in the company. The company hotshot might not be the best choice, although there are always exceptions to this rule. You want to make sure that your upline sponsor has at least some basic computer and marketing knowledge, in case you wanted to do some promotion on the internet. You might have to do three to five interviews before you find the ideal upline sponsor, but could be very well worth it in the long run.

Becoming a Cooksey Keepsakes consultant is not just the opportunity to have a stable, home based business. As a consultant, this is a great opportunity to become involved in a very emotional satisfying career. As a consultant, you will be touching many peoples lives in very unexpected ways.
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