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A Review of the E-Bullion Payment Service

Jun 30, 2008
In an effort to build up finances for retirement, or to invest in something that will help in the future, people are turning to a variety of options that do not include the standard stocks and bonds that go up and down like yo-yo's. They are turning to alternative ways to build their future, and bullion is one of them.

Bullion, one of the oldest versions of money in history, is bars, coins, wafers, or ingots that carry a serial number and the stamp of a Hallmark Grade refiner. e-Bullion helps their customers manage their bullion.

A registered legal corporate entity of the Republic of Panama in Central America, e-Bullion is an online corporation that helps people convert their physical bullion into e-currency by liquidating, funding, divesting, or investing it into one account. They pride themselves in customer confidentiality and are back up by Goldfinger Coin and Bullion, Inc. (GFCB) of the state of Delaware in the United States of America.

The physical bullion is stored on behalf of the account holders in Treasury Grade storage facilities located in Los Angeles, Delaware, Zurich and Australia. All of the accounts and back-up services are provided by professionals in the precious metals trade. The company deals primarily with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

e-Currency, which is what a customer's e-bullion is turned into, is an electronic currency that is linked to a country's national currency and whose value does not fluctuate with the current trends in metal prices.

Both are instant, real-time money customers can use to make payments, receive payments, or invest to protect their assets from any financial destabilization that could occur. If a company accepts e-bullion as a form of payment, the customer can shop at merchants all over the world. It is a fraud-free convenience and global monetary system.

e-Bullion is safe to use thanks to the fact that it is backed by precious metals which do not lose their value over time. It helps customers eliminate problems with bank accounts and because it can be used worldwide, there is no need to use bank wires, money orders, or credit cards.

Interested customers can create an account and then fund it by trading their precious physical bullion through GFCB or by purchasing e-bullion on line for free. Also, customers can request a withdrawal of their bullion for a small fee. Potential customers should read all the fine print and make sure they understand how the company works and whether or not they are available in their area.

At this point in time, e-Bullion offers competitive fees that they try to keep as low as possible to attract more customers. There is no fee for funds transferring between accounts using this system. They do not charge a storage fee on their customers account balances, and they charge a single monthly service fee of $7.00 to cover administrative costs. Customers who wish to liquidate their current assets will pay a fee of 2% for e-currency and 3% for e-bullion. This is processed through GFCB.

e-Bullion offers their customers the latest in secure navigation and encryption so that their accounts remain hack free and solid. For an additional $100.00, customers can get a CRYPTOCARD - an authentication device - which provides them additional security for their account.

They also offer their customers a debit card which works with all major ATMs and point of sales systems, giving them easy access to their money, allows them to direct deposit funds, and transfer money from their e-Bullion account into other accounts as needed.
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