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A Review of Network Marketer Don Lapre

Jun 30, 2008
There aren't many nice words being said about Don Lapre. Anybody who has wanted to try a get rich quick while working at home opportunity or even has simply wanted to become very wealthy in a short amount of time is probably familiar with Don Lapre. He is the guy who had a ton of infomercials and could probably sweet talk anybody out of anything. There is a long list of his attempts at wealth online.

There is a great site called Quackwatch that does a play by play account of Lapre's career. It tells of his filings for bankruptcy, the judgments against him that were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range and it talks about the 2003 "Greatest Vitamin In the World" sales attempts he made with Doug Grant.

In 2004 an infomercial began selling "The Greatest Vitamin in the World." The Greatest Vitamin in the world, according to the infomercials, could cure or mitigate a large number of diseases including cancer, arthritis and diabetes. The Greatest Vitamin in the World also presented a money making opportunity as well.

For thirty five dollars a month people could become independent vitamin advertisers who would earn one thousand dollars (or up to two hundred dollars a month for the rest of their lives) for every twenty people the advertiser convinced to buy the vitamin. Incidentally, the ingredients that were needed to make this vitamin cost between one hundred and eighty four dollars and three hundred and seventy nine dollars a month.

The income opportunity has to be false. If it were true, then Don Lapre would actually be losing one hundred dollars every time a vitamin advertiser came to collect the money that had been promised them. There had to be a catch to the plan and in 2006 the FDA gave Lapre his second warning that his product did not do what he claimed it would do and ordered him to change his advertising.

In January of 2006, new commercials for the Vitamin came out promising only five hundred dollars for every twenty people the vitamin advertiser signed up. Something is shady in vitamin town and we urge you to stay away from anything that is associated with Don Lapre.

Don Lapre is still in the public eye, trying to make money. He was offering courses on how to make money in the same fashion he did. One customer reviewer wrote about not enjoying the course or all of the upselling Lapre was doing for other products during the course. This reviewer strongly recommended against buying anything from Lapre.

In this day and age, you have to be careful about who you trust. Anybody can be charming on camera. That doesn't mean that they aren't out to simply get money from you. After all, would you really want to buy something from a man who once had an IRS lien against him for almost a million dollars in delinquent taxes?

Last we checked Don Lapre was a rep in Trivani.
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