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A Review of the Cooperative Marketing Model

Jun 30, 2008
A system was made for the conventional models of business, and it supported a high rate of retention for their affiliates. Right from 1999, people are purchasing products from them, being fully unaware that there exists an opportunity of business related to them. This company is now an expert in getting these customers to maintain their confidence in the company, and this loyalty adds to the profits of the BA's (Business Affiliates).

Their motive is to have customers who are satisfied with the product, much different from most others where a bulk of the product is consumed by self or by distributors.

Support and marketing techniques

They help you to get new customers, and get the customers to you, besides marketing for knowledge of people. The pool of talented bunch of people they have provide for marketing brochures and other material that are distributed to the consumers without you having to incur any cost. They actually give out many colored catalogues to consumers on a monthly basis, to keep them informed about new developments and to avoid diversification of their mind to other products, and it accounts for the re-orders that the company gets.

The products are related to health, and well-being of a person. The company's aim is to secure satisfaction of consumer's physical, spiritual and emotional needs. The 3 major areas targeted by the product include:

* Weight loss
* Performance
* Healthy ageing

What is the kind of support that we get on joining their team?
When we join their team, we register ourselves as a member of a team who are very serious when it comes to having fun, building a relationship that would last for life, and of course, earn us an income for that period. A few benefits of joining are listed below:

* Free website: By joining the team, we get a personal website that is an exact replica of that of the one that the company hosts, and even has more features. On the top of it, the company's team has built, exclusively for us, a resource site, which is brilliantly conceptualized. Their team also has quite a number of resources, which includes testimonials, reports, and more.
* Video training & Live Conferences: As members, we can listen to the CORP calls of conference and also the team calls, which pools in the experienced people who can help us to learn some successful techniques to go well in our business. Besides, the company has an area of video training as well, which give us a practical training on the various business operations.
* Email training for a year: Right away, we will receive emails which are scheduled to be mailed to us, which contain business tips and how to deal with it, which will be sent on the first day itself as a new BA of the company, which will go on till one year of our joining the team.
* Study course for home: A copy of Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ (which costs $47 in the market) will be given to us free of cost. It will give you various tips on how we can strategically make use of the internet for marketing of our products.

We're also granted the permission to lend this book to any person who joins us in the company as a BA who has paid like we had. This will let us get an edge which will entice people to join their team with us.
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