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A Review of the Daisy Blue Naturals Income Opportunity

Jun 30, 2008
If you are interested in looking after your looks and have a good hunch that the people around you are too, it might be time for you to get involved in the Daisy Blue Naturals multilevel marketing opportunity. Daisy Blue Naturals is a company that sells many different self-improvement products and with their focus on their representatives acting independently and making a profit, it could prove an excellent way for people who are new to the concept of network marketing to get started.

The products sold by Daisy Blue Naturals are all-natural beauty and self-improvement products, and interestingly enough, you'll find an excellent line of all-natural baby care products listed as well. Not only will this be a bit with mothers, it is also a great relief for people with sensitive skin.

At Daisy Blue Naturals, you can buy one of two sets to get you started. The first, known as the Petal Kit, can be bought for less than fifty dollars and comes in at a 150 dollar value. This kit is highly recommended for people who are only interested in getting the 30% discount and selling occasionally and casually to friends and family. The Bouquet Start-up Kit is actually designed for people who are interested in setting up their own spa business and because of this, it sells for 150$ with a retail value of over 350$.

As you can see, the Daisy Blue Naturals opportunity does offer a different level of commitment to suit the people interested. While there are some people who make a full livelihood on the basis of this opportunity, there are many more people who merely keep this as a sideline, though there are plenty of people who have made it into quite popular and profitable one. Essentially, it is an opportunity that will allow you to work the hours you choose.

You'll also find that this is an opportunity that does require good salesmanship. While individuals who are just casually preparing packets to sell to friends are less likely to be concerned, there are representatives who attend hosted parties and show off the products to audiences composed mostly or entirely of strangers. How comfortable are you with this concept? Do you enjoy public speaking or are you deathly afraid of it?

When searching for your golden sponsor, don't base your entire decision on the premise he might be the company public relations figure. Interview several upline members and determine for yourself which would be the best business fit for you. Then make sure they will be available for a three way prospect call. Also make sure they have at least some basic Internet Marketing skills in case you want to promote these products on the net.

The opportunity provided by Daisy Blue Naturals is one that many individuals are taking advantage of. If you are in the market for a new marketing opportunity, or if you are already a customer and are eying the discount while looking to get friends involved as well, this will be one opportunity that you want to take a closer look at.
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