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A Review of the DietBlends Inc. Income Opportunity

Jun 30, 2008
DietBlends, INC. was founded in 1999 in Phoenix, Arizona. This company specializes in the development, research and marketing of nutritional aids for overall health.

DietBlends formulates unique products that are targeted for specific purposes. Their newest product, Xo3, is a drink additive with a special blend of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. This additive provides the necessary elements the human liver needs to lower toxins in the blood from alcohol consumption.

No doubt, if you have consumed any alcoholic beverage before, or visited a neighborhood party store in the last 10 years, then you have been exposed to "over the counter" hangover cures. Most party stores have these hangover type cures right at the register counter.

The problem with these so called hangover cures has always been the reliability of any of them to be effective and work.

Is there truly a reliable cure for the hangover? This is a question not easily answered until now.

DietBlends Xo3 is the first nutrient product of it's type to enter the market place in the MLM industry. It has a very niche market appeal, targeting individuals who consume alcoholic beverages that do not wish to experience the proverbial hangover.

The targeted market for Xo3 is nonrestrictive and broad. Virtually anyone who consumes alcoholic beverages. Age range could be 21 - 60 years of age, male or female, health conscious and no geographic restrictions.

Generally, the target market for Xo3 will be middle class to upper class customers seeking a remedy for a hangover.

DietBlends Xo3 is a patent pending product. At present, there are no other products of this type that are known to be filing a patent process. The company believes their product to be the only true nutrient product of it's type that truly works to eliminate hangover.

If this DietBlends product, Xo3, is the true cure for a hangover, then this company stands to corner a market that has been illusive since the grape was discovered. There are no boundaries to a product that will eliminate an alcoholic hangover. This market, therefore, would be massive in scale.

The secret to Xo3, is Glutathione. It is the most powerful antioxidants known in the medical field. Glutathione's power on helping the liver to detoxify alcohol in the body is what makes Xo3 essential to work at reducing the horrid effects experienced by over use of alcohol on the body.

Glutathione detoxifies aldehydes and keytone build ups from toxic substances in the liver. This unique antioxidant also helps reduce cirrhosis of the liver caused by heavy alcohol consumption and reduces the over all effects of liver disease that takes millions of lives yearly.

DietBlends Consumers are able to purchase DietBlends product, Xo3, online at their company's website. This company also offers individuals the opportunity to become independent distributors of this unique product, Xo3. Obviously, the sky would be the limit on a product that could cure the common cold, let alone a hangover!

At present, DietBlends does not have any available detailed information about it's reseller opportunities. If you would like more information on becoming an independent distributor of Xo3, you must contact the manager and request more information from their company website.
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