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Tips On Choosing An SEO Effective Domain Name

Jun 30, 2008
The importance of a good domain name to a website cannot be undermined. An interesting domain name never fails to attract web surfers to click through and check out. If you think finding a good domain name is difficult task, you are wrong! Do you know where you can get a fantastic domain name easily without too much effort? A good keyword makes a good domain name,. It is very important to craft your domain name using suitable keywords. This is your lucky day-this article will teach you how it is done easily!

You will have to start by searching a keyword that is good for the search engines and also can be a part of your domain name. Use a keyword analyzer to get this done. Look for them on the search engines. Use a sample keyword into this tool that describes your site. The analyzer will now give you many different alternatives for the keyword you inserted. Choose those keywords from this list that describe more about what your website is about. If the domain keywords are specific, there are few chances that other webmasters will use them. So that's better for search engine optimization. After this, you can begin looking for the domain name you will keep.

The company that provides domain names will let you know if a particular domain name is available. The domain name service will also suggest alternatives if the one you put in is not available. Put in your keyword first - this way you can better use this tool. You will get other recommendations if this particular keyword is not available to use as the domain name. You must definitely consider any suggestion that has the main keyword and a .com suffix. You will have to use your creative mind to think of options if this is not present. By putting in filler words in the domain name, you may be able to find an available option that still keeps your keyword.

You can use 'a', 'an' and 'the' as fillers. These words are not considered by the search engines. So, they will index your site and you will have a very appealing domain name too. This is achievable even if you use some numbers like 45 or anything you prefer at the end of the phrase. There are some ideas to use if you get everything else but not the .com ending too. Read on.

You may opt for an extension other than .com, especially in the cause of very popular keywords. Other workable solutions are .biz, .net and .org. One more tactic is to use country or state specific extensions. This works if international or local marketing makes no difference to you. You can well understand that it is much wiser to be on the first page in the Indian Google than to be on the 86th page in the American Google! It is not complicated to have a domain name that serves well for your visitors as well as for the search engines.


Only 10% of the success of your domain name depends on your intelligence. The rest depends on the keyword analyzer tool. The last straw, when nothing else works, is to resort to the extensions.
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