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Effective 21ST Century MLM Lead Generation Strategies

Jul 1, 2008
The introduction of the Internet in the 1990s introduced a whole new way to do business. For many people, it opened the door to a bright, new future. For many others, it opened the door for scams and spam.

Legitimate business opportunities have been in high demand for years. Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and Network Marketing businesses and campaigns have sprung to life. It is now easier than ever to fill out a simple form and receive information via e-mail.

Businesses quickly found ways to promote themselves online to generate more visibility for their products or services. One of the most effective tools for building a business is a simple form that captures the name and e-mail address of the person requesting information. Lead generation and business leads have become very simple for most entrepreneurs.

There are many ways to build your list of business leads. Landing pages, buying leads, mailing lists, newsletters, banners and links are only a few ideas. Some methods are much more effective than others. For example, a landing page or e-mail sign-up form effortlessly generates leads for you.

The creation of banners is very effective because attractive, informative banners receive clicks. As more people use your banner and link to your website, your page rank gradually increases.

What makes lead-generating landing pages effective is the fact that people voluntarily enter their information for you. People simply visit your website, read your valuable information and submit their contact information if they are interested.

This almost guarantees that you do not get reported for spam e-mails. When someone gives you their contact information, you are free to send them information from your website or about your business. Just be sure to include a way for them to remove themselves from your
mailing list.

Creating mailing lists is a good way to generate business leads. Mailing lists can be created from your landing page and referrals. Some very good mailing lists can be purchased as well.

If you do decide to purchase a mailing list, be sure it comes from a reliable, respectable source. If you do not do your due diligence and purchase a mailing list from a respectable source, you may find yourself reported for spam more than a few times.

Blogs, videos and article marketing are great ways to generate business leads. Simply blogging about what you do and your personal successes helps draw people in. Don't post pictures of your big profits; pictures can be manipulated.

Blog sites are generally free and a very good way to promote your business. Write about the facts of building your online business. Do not try to mislead people and convince them that it's easy to make thousands of dollars a day. That isn't realistic. The best way to build your business is honesty and integrity.

Article marketing is a very valuable business tool. If you don't consider yourself a writer, hire someone to write for you. Many article marketing companies hire a staff of writers to write for clients.

These companies charge a set amount per article, but a reputable company is well worth the investment. Your articles will be professionally written, edited and e-mailed to you for approval before being submitted to a variety of submission sites.

Buying business leads isn't the way to go, for several reasons. This option could be effective short term or as an initial small jump start for your business. Buying leads isn't a good or smart long-term business model.

When you make your proposal to lead providers, prepare yourself for mass rejection. With all of the business opportunities available on the Internet today, it's very likely that your business model is also being used by others.

The one company you buy your business leads from will likely sell the same leads to several other entrepreneurs looking to build their businesses. By the time your leads read through all of their other business offers, they're fed up and don't even take the opportunities seriously.

Building your online business takes perseverance, determination and a large dose of common sense. Buying your leads from some random company doesn't demonstrate very much common sense.

In order to build a successful online empire, you must work intelligently. Potential entrepreneurs do not read spam mailings with any amount of serious intentions. They may look at your website, but if they find four others like it, count them out.

Who wants to build a business that is identical to that of hundreds of others? Even Network Marketing businesses need that special type of individuality that comes from smart entrepreneurs.

If you are still insistent that you must buy business leads, be smart about it. When you contact a company to purchase business leads, ask lots of questions. Any legitimate company can give you answers and references.

Hundreds of companies promise to provide legitimate business leads. Hundreds of companies also do this at the cost of their reputation. Locating a legitimate company to buy business leads from takes a lot of research and dedication on your part.
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Antonio L. Mitchell is a professional Network Marketer who specializes in showing others how to be successful with network marketing in the 21st Century.

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