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What is Turbulence Training?

Jul 1, 2008
I may not know a thing about you but I'll bet that you are searching for the perfect way to lose weight and to get fit. I am sure you have heard of many ideas. You might have even tried some. Let me tell you a secret; it is good to want to have a good diet and regular exercise. But, if you are looking for something more, I suggest you should read on.

If you are thinking of burning fats, you might need something more intense. You will need a more intense routine so that the routine will help you to blast all the fat away. If you think dieting will help, think again. I hate to burst the bubble but no, dieting will not help.

Let me introduce to you the concept: Turbulence training, also known as, Interval Training

The Idea

What exactly is turbulence training? Well, turbulence training is a combination of resistance training and interval training. The concept behind it is simple. You are using your body in a way that allows it to burn the most fat. Therefore, a mixture of resistance and turbulence allows this to happen.

Turbulence training also features variety. The body naturally hits a plateau after doing the same exercises over and over. Turbulence training features a mix of exercises that helps the body not reach that plateau.

The other important factor of turbulence is intensity. High intensity is especially important if you want to burn fats.

The Details

Turbulence training involves getting into a routine. You will want to workout 3 days each week with each workout being resistance training followed by interval training. Every four weeks you need to change your workout.

The resistance training needs to include two to four repetitions with six to eight reps in each set. You will also be doing what is called a super set. A super set is non-competiting exercises done in pairs. For example, you do squats and then bicep curls. There is no rest between the exercises. You go from one straight into the other.

It is also important during the resistance training to make sure that you are using large groups of muscles. This will help you get the maximum fat burn.

So how do you for interval training? Well, it is very simple. All you need to do is to do high intensity workout for 20 minutes. You might want to put in extra effort in this portion as you will burn a lot of fat.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, what are you waiting for? Use this combination and start training to make your body into a fat burning machine.
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