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8 Best Home Based Business Ideas For Email Marketing Campaign

Jul 1, 2008
The answer is closer than you can imagine, it is the email marketing campaign. Many of us try to drive more and more visitors to our sites but forget that the warm market, our fans, we already have reached. They are on our optin list.

1.20 % Of The Customers Respond 80 % Of The Sales.
The stats and researches tell also that around 20 % of those, who have bought from you once will buy more, if you follow up with them! If you think another way round, one fifth of your earlier customers are just waiting that you will offer something new.

2.If You Do Not Follow Up The Customers, You Lose A Lot From The Results Of Your Best Home Based Business Ideas.

Yes, that is a simple fact. So it is a high time to think how to use email marketing campaign to put more power into your marketing.

An old customer is around five times likely to buy from your offer vs. a new customer. Despite of the fact that this group of people is smaller, the quality is so good that you should carefully customize the marketing for them.

3.Autoresponder Does The Email Marketing Campaign Work.
You can market your best home based business ideas automatically by using autoresponder, which you can load once for a long period of time and it will do the email marketing campaign job for you, day and night.

An autoresponder sends pre-written emails to the optin email list during the time, which you have selected.

4. Use A Confirmation Email.
When a person has done something, ordered or subscibed, it is polite and effective to send a confirmation email, because it is all about communication.

5. Send A Tank You Message After The Purchase.
This is also one way to start the longterm communications. It is useful to note, that the question is not about selling but about relationships.

6. After Some Days Contact Again.
Now you can ask, whether your customer is happy with the product and what kind of experiences they have.

7. Send A Short Inquiry About The Customer Experiences.
You can say that the target is to improve the marketing of the best home based business ideas according to the customer response.

8. Ask Politely That A Customer Will Bookmark Your Site.
The reason can be, that a customer will get your regular updates, new products or your new blog posts.
Email marketing campaign is an excellent way to follow up and to generate a nice amount of extra income. Actually you can get an immediate increase in sales of around 30 procent. Not so bad!
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