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Why a Laundry Service Will Always be Needed & How to Start Your Own

Jul 1, 2008
Well we all basically know that washing machines and any other laundry equipment are a must for any household, this being said are they really needed in every home? The reason I say this is because of the fact that people just do not have the time to take out of there busy schedule and wait by there washing machine at home, and keep on unloading and loading washing which could take hours. Instead they go to the launderette and either hand there clothes in and pay a lump sum for someone to wash it for them, or they just use the big commercial washing machines and dryers that are available. This not only saves time but could work out a lot cheaper.

If you are looking to set up your own launderette then it has never been easier with suppliers locally that can come and service your machines at any time. We all know that businesses can be a risky game but setting up a launderette can be one of the safest means of opening a business. The reason this is said is because you just do not need the staff, you can open a laundry business which can run itself leaving you the time to work somewhere else and earn a bit more money. As for any business it is recommended to have a strong business plan decide which direction you want to go, for example do you want to open up a whole chain or just keep one and offer cleaning and ironing services aswell? Once you have decided this you will have to consider how much you are willing to spend and how much you expect to get back. You will then have to sort out all the smaller problems such as obtaining a licence and thinking of what sort of opening times you have will it be 9-5 or will you open for 24 hours.

A major part of opening a laundrette is to get the word out, if no one knows about the place they will not visit. So like any other business you should plan which way you are going to promote. Will it be via leaflets or will you advertise in the local newspaper. If you are thinking of opening a whole chain then you may want to do a TV commercial or a radio broadcast. Whichever way you decide you should plan and execute the business correctly as it will otherwise fail.
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