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Increase Your Chances of Becoming a Model

Jul 1, 2008
So you want to become a model? Well, guess what, so does everyone else! A career in modeling can be very rewarding both financially and professionally. In order to break into the industry, you have to have certain keys for success. One of those keys is simply to have confidence in you as a person, as a model. Before people try to enter the industry, there is a lot of doubt. If you are honestly determined to become a model, you can use that doubt as a motivational tool to help you succeed.

Have you ever heard the term, you have to market yourself? This term could not be truer in the modeling industry. Your look, itself, has to be marketable. Any agency or firm would have to have perfect trust that your face and body could help them increase the sales of a certain product or service. If you are ready for rejection and think you can handle a lot of it, you are already a step ahead of your competition. Rejection is the number one thing that drives away potential models from entering the industry.

You need to realize that all fashion agencies have very specific requirements for their models in terms of height, weight, and age. The reason for such strict requirements is because of the clothing samples that are sent to the agencies. Vary rarely will an agency accept people who fall short of these requirements, even if you are the most beautiful person in the world. On the other hand, commercial modeling is much less strict when it comes to requirements. To be honest, they will practically hire anyone. Specialty agencies usually represent models with special bodies or faces. This will include full figured models, bodybuilders, athletes, etc.

One of the most important things for you is to find the right modeling agency to represent you. Seek out a few agencies either by phonebook, internet, or referral and send them some of your best pictures. You should plan on at least 4-5 weeks for them to get back to you. If they are interested in you, they will call you personally. Don't call them or harass them with too many phone calls, this turns these kinds of agents off.

So, how do you know if modeling is for you? Well, if you are tall, slim, and have great confidence when in front of a camera, then chances are that modeling is for you. Modeling is a great career and very rewarding. It can be fun, exciting, and courageous! Work hard and do everything you can to make contacts with people and you will be setting yourself up for success.
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