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A Review of the Eniva Income Opportunity

Jul 1, 2008
Eniva is a company that was founded in May of 1998 by a couple of brothers Andrew and Benjamin Baechler. They had envisioned a mineral based drink that would be sold as a wellness product. Andrew graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He had been a top performer in previous network marketing companies. Dr. Benjamin Baechler, Andrews's brother, was trained in the medical field at the University of Minnesota Medical School in Internal Medicine.

The Eniva Company is debt free with earnings of more than $10 million annually and over a 100,000 reps across the country. Eniva is a company that builds upon residual income, but this does not mean you don't have to work. So many people in the multi-level marketing business do not realize how much work and time commitment is involved. There is so much more than you would ever put into a regular job because you have to keep new distributors constantly coming in and keeping them going and motivated.

One of the positives about a MLM is the customer will want to repurchase the product over and over again if they are really sold on it. So that income is residual, with the consistence of sales. This way you are able to still earn some money without recruiting, but the sales need to be plentiful. But the way to make real money in Eniva is to build a team to help you sell those products over and over again. As long as everyone in your team is selling, then you have your residual income.

The reason you have to stay on top of the recruitment end is that so many people will drop out. You will need to continually replace them with new recruits. You will need to start over in training the new recruits while continually keeping your original reps motivated to keep working the business. Most successful network marketers are big into meetings, to keep everyone informed, excited and a way to bring new recruits.

Eniva, nor any other network marketing system is a get rich quick program. So many will go into thinking that is the case. But it does take a great deal of dedication and belief in your product.

The Eniva product is all manufactured in house. They have complete control over the quality, which is as plus for any business. You are then assured that the products are of excellent quality and that helps you in your sales.

The juice comes in 2 flavors, apple or berry. It only comes in the liquid form because there is a higher absorption rate of the nutrients. And it is easily mixed with other juices or water.

To join, you will pay around $99 for your bottle of juice and some sales materials. From there you will begin your sales and recruiting of your new distributors. Eniva does have incentives that you will be able to work for. They have a car allowance and other perks that are offered upon qualification in your group sales and bonus volume totals.

Eniva is a company with obviously great products and a good reputation. If you want to be a part of this business and reach your goal of financial independence, then you will need to be ready to sell and recruit. Your life will be dedicated to this process for a long time until you feel you are established enough to possibly hire help to manage your business for you.

There are other ways to reach your goals. Ways that will not include network marketing or recruiting. You will find what it is you are looking for. Do what you are ready to commit to. The failure rate for network marketing is over 90%. Please be aware and read and know the entire plan before signing up. Don't just go by what the sponsor is telling you. Do your research and good luck.
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