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They've been hiding the truth about copy writing

Jul 1, 2008
Website copy writing is one of the most essential skills to have if you're promoting anything online. Whether you have an ebook to sell, website to launch or affiliate scheme to promote you need to write interesting and compelling copy - copy that will form blog entries, articles, forum posts, press releases and website content. Even if you focus totally on pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords you still need to create winning adverts and persuasive landing pages or your sales will be lost. But forget everything you've been told about copywriting -it's all wrong!

They say you need a copy writer - they are wrong! Using a copywriter would spell disaster for your website! Their copy would be hollow and empty. Although punctuation perfect it would lack all your knowledge and passion that makes you unique and interesting.

They say you haven't the time to write and if you did it wouldn't be good enough - they are wrong! They create and foster this false idea to keep your self confidence low instead I show you how easy it can be. How easy you will find writing headlines and creating copy using the exact same techniques that turned be from a student who failed school English twice to a successful writer, editor and communications consultant!

They say you won't understand - they are wrong! If you refuse to struggle with their 300 page stale text books or heavy academic courses, don't hire a copy writer, don't let pencil heads and grammarians worry or undermine your confidence you can and will succeed through simple, practical step-by-step lessons.

They don't want you to know how to write so that you keep going back to them.

They are the mix of copy writers, dusty academics, and grammarians that like to feel superior. These pencil heads relish in pointing out mistakes we make and undermining us so we never learn. It may not even be an official conspiracy with an evil mastermind in a secret HQ but it's still as effective. When have you ever heard a copywriter say "No, you should be writing this instead" or "You have the knowledge and passion that I can't match"?

The answer is probably never because they don't want you to know how to write, they don't want you to realise that you are the best person to create your copy and they don't want it to be quick and easy. Then they bill you. Not only do they bill you they then keep you in this trap so that you go back for more and more.

It's time that you changed a few things and decided to create the compelling copy that the search engines and your customers will love. 1. Fire the copy writer - it is your opinions that count. 2. Answer your customer's questions - By solving their problems they'll come back for more. 3. Take control - only by taking ownership of all of your site including the content will you get the success you deserve.
About the Author
There is an easier way and it's called the Writing Workshop, and this step by step course will help you create headlines in seconds and perfect prose in minutes and how to decide what to write about! I will even disclose the powerful copy writing tools that the pros use!
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