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For a Residual Income You Need Just 2 Things to Rocket Your Google Position

Jul 1, 2008
There are only 2 things that will affect your position in the google search engines so that you can get a residual income. They are good content and incoming links. But which should you concentrate on and which is the most important as it is not 50-50.

Now, think about it, if you have rubbish content, would you get people to link to you? Unlikely. That is the view that Google takes, so they put 70% of the importance on incoming links and 30% on content.

So, you could spend all your time playing with META tags and keywords and even if you are the best, you could only get up to 30% of what could be achieved. So, if you knew how to get good incoming links and only had a mediocre site you would beat the competition hands down.

Of course, if you are trying to achieve a residual income your site would have to be good enough to convert the visitors you receive.

This article isn't long enough to make you an expert but there are a couple of things you should know which I don't see mentioned very often, if you are already good at getting inbound links just understanding this could push you to the top and if you have just started out this will give you a fantastic push up to get your residual income.

You must get your Anchor Text correct.

Do you know what anchor text is? It is the clickable word or phrase that take the visitor to another site; you will have seen it many times.

Now, understandably, Google will assume that if you have bothered to make text clickable it is important. So you must think very carefully about what to use as anchor text. And why you are doing it. I have seen this experiment mentioned many times but in case you haven't just try it.

Go to Google and type in "click here" What comes up? Adobe (I hope). Now why do you think that is? I doubt if you see "click here" on Adobe Meta tags or repeated in their text, do you? No, it's because thousands of other WebPages have put "click here" as anchor text, to take you to their site to download their free Adobe reader. If you looked you would have seen that there were about 1,550,000,000 results, which makes it even more amazing.

You must get your Anchor text consistent

It took me a while to realise that Google can see your site in three different ways.

So, and this is important, decide which you are going to use and stick to it. If you don't you could be diluting your efforts by up to 66%. It is better to have 90 links going to the same URL then three different URL's that all lead to the same place. This is a short section but the most important if you want to make a big difference to your efforts with very little work.

PageRank and Page Rank

What is the difference between pagerank and page rank? The single word "PageRank" is a trademarked name that google owns. PageRank is a unit of measurement that google uses to decide the value of a Webpage in their eyes.

On the other hand the words "page rank" it usually means how it is positioned on a search engine for a given keyword.

So how does it work? PageRank is numbered from 1-6 with 6 being the highest and let me know if you ever achieve it and I'll buy you a pint.

Mind you, if you do, your residual income will be so good you can buy me one. 0 is where you will be for a while and where you will stay if you don't do anything and your site has little content and never changes. So what does this mean?

Well if you want your site to be perceived as important by google you want to have links from sites which google already thinks are important, i.e. they have a high PageRank. Anything from 2 up is fine but the higher the better. Even a link from a 0 will still help a bit.

So the higher you can get your page rank the more they see you as an Authority on a subject and the closer you will be to getting your residual income.

To find out what the PageRank of a site is is fairly easy, you can download the google toolbar and it will show the Page Rank for every page you are on.

Get the best training

I have assumed in this short article that you are familiar with getting your links on to the many sites available, like article sites, blogs, book marking sites etc. correctly. If you are not sure though you need to get good training as it can take years of trial and error to get it right.
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