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Search Engine Optimisation; A Long Term Approach Essential

Jul 1, 2008
The search engine optimisation is currently booming, what should be realised however is that any optimisation will doubtfully produce results quickly, more realistic is a long term approach that takes into account many factors. Being short-sighted in SEO is simply not an option. While those beginning the optimisation process may think there is a magic tactic that will produce search engine results almost instantaneously, this is sadly not the case; it is only through a well structured, long term strategy that success will be forthcoming. Here are some of the best tips that should help you construct a long term plan for your optimisation efforts.

Firstly you should be aware that carrying out search engine optimisation can have negative effects. By building links at a rapid rate it can be possible for search engine algorithms to pick up on your sudden meteoric rise. It is the case that if Google notices your links go from none to thousands over a short space of time that penalties will be dished out. Optimisation, especially in terms of links should be done slowly, by building quality links steadily; you stand less chance of being noticed and will then rise to the top as a matter of course.

A fundamental part of search engine optimisation is the keywords you decide to target. During the early stages it is advisable to target more specific keywords rather than generic popular ones. For instance if you were selling MP3 players, targeting this term would mean facing stiff competition and it is unlikely that success will occur. More advisable is to target terms like MP3 players 1 GB; by doing this you reduce the competition for the phrase and increase your chances of optimisation success. Once you have decent listings for these targeted terms, then it will be possible to attack the more generic ones.

Part of search engine optimisation is to have an approach that takes future events into account. No one can tell when a search engine will change its algorithm or if your competitors will catch you up for certain terms. As a result it is good advice to think about the keywords that you are likely to be focussing on a few years down the line. This kind of all encompassing approach will protect you from unseen circumstances in the future.

As a result of this forward thinking optimisation approach you should try to produce your keywords reactively rather than proactively. While at the outset you may think that certain keywords will be perfect for your business this is not always the case; sometimes you will have great search engine rankings for a word and find that it does not convert into sales. A better course of action is to study which words are bringing more customers and then focussing upon them; this directed focus means that you will be able to convert more visits into sales.

By having a logical approach to optimisation results will follow. Another great tip is to create a page even if you do not have time to optimise it fully. Google and other search engines place emphasis upon the age of a page and hence creating a page for a specific keyword as early as possible will bring better results.

Finally it is of vital importance to have a heavy focus upon the content on your site. This sounds obvious but it is shocking how few websites have quality, well written and unique content. Good content means you have the correct building blocks for your search engine optimisation effort, without it is likely it will flounder.

So when beginning your SEO effort you must understand that results will be slow in becoming apparent. By having a long term approach it is more likely you will experience success; like most things in life "good things come to those who wait."
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Internet marketing expert Thomas Pretty looks into how a long term approach to search engine optimisation is vital for success.
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