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Search Engine Optimization is Critical For Florida Based Companies

Jul 1, 2008
Search Engines are not only changing lives...they are changing entire industries. Unfortunately, many small and midsize, Florida business owners are sticking their head in the sand about how important the internet IS, AND WILL BE, to their business.

Think about it, in almost every industry that you can think of are being impacted by online search. It has impacted the way we find hotels, cars, restaurants, plane tickets, flowers, real estate, music, mortgages, life insurance, almost every facet of our lives.

With the distrust of the media, politicians and "experts" more and more people are going to the world wide web to shop, find information and to find credible sources to do business with.

Gone are the days of yellow pages, newspaper advertising, and cold calling. Businesses that know how to utilize the power of local, regional and national search are helping businesses flourish while at the same time position them as brand leaders in their market.

Recent studies show that people trust high ranking organic search findings by 86% more than advertisements through PPC and Banner Ads. When you start to understand this dynamic and its long term impact on your business you can make significant inroads in establishing your company brand as an expert in your industry. Not only by well placed Press, but by providing quality information from an authority site. The consumer is getting smarter about checking out who they are doing business with, and are looking for CREDIBILE SOURCES.

The question becomes how visible are you in Organic Search that gets 70% of the traffic, and how credible is your site when they search for you? The value of SEO, is not about code, tricks and links, it is about establishing your company as a dominate leader that is now found in just about every major keyword that your potential client might search. With that kind of presence you will not only see increased traffic, you will also see increased sales. SEO, is not designed to replace what you are doing now, but is structured to be a hub of everything that you do to enhance your marketing and sales. This is why savvy business owners have already started positioning their business for the long haul on the internet.

Realize also that many businesses are way ahead of you in terms of building brand and search engine recognition for their web sites. While you can catch up now in many search areas, it will become more and more difficult to cold start a web site in the future. This can be especially true for companies competing in popular locations like Florida. With more and more businesses moving into the state, it just gets that much more competitive.

At this stage, whether you are located in Florida or some other location, you have two choices: 1) act now to get visible on the web or 2) stick your head in the sand and pretend that this push to the web is not happening. If you choose the latter, we personally believe you may have a very rocky ride over the next 2-5 years.
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Dr. Anderson is a Florida Search Engine Optimization Consultant  who has been responsible for over $40 Million in internet revenue.   Visit his web site to learn more about  search engine optimization and get your free company report.   
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