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What Is MES Software

Jul 1, 2008
MES stands for manufacturing execution system, and MES software is designed to perform specific tasks, including collection of production input from automatic and human interface data collection devices, making this data available to other planning software interfaces, and to perform production line management tasks. This article will provide basic information about this software and its real world applications.

Production line management tasks performed by MES software include, but are not limited to workflow management, work order management, material planning, labor management, maintenance management, document control, product material history, quality analysis, and performance analysis. Studies have shown that manufacturing plants that use this type of software experience a marked increase in productivity, since it helps to reduce errors that hinder production time and expend valuable materials. In specialized industries, accurate, detailed data is a necessity, since the slightest miscalculation can result in costly mistakes and employee and equipment downtime.

This software is commonly used to schedule tasks by faculty, work center, and by individual and some versions allow for inventory management and include tools that allow users to weigh the time and resources required for task completion against the overall amount of required project tasks. Other versions also include the ability to generate lists of products that need to be ordered. Large scale MES software programs also control shop floor management and support applications that can connect the shop floor to the corporate office for real time integration. This is the reason that most large scale plants utilize MES software in some form or another.

In addition, manufacturing execution system software can also reduce IT software support requirements, centralize and reduce hardware and servers, and can update systems intuitively. There are many different variations available, and if you are purchasing one for your manufacturing plant or specialized industry, you should be sure that the type you choose can do all of the above mentioned tasks effectively, and that it features an user friendly interface without a large learning curve. Also, be sure that you choose one that will grow with the demands of your organization and can be upgraded if necessary to allow for industry expansion and extended project management.

If you research your options, and keep the mission, production, and climate of your business in mind, you will be well on your way to making sure that your shop floor is organized, that tasks are completed, and that things run smoothly, which is a must in specialized industries
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