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3 Tips on MLM Lead Generation

Jul 1, 2008
Hi. Are you tired of your current mlm lead generation tactics? Or are you looking for new ways to sponsor downlines into your mlm business?

Then keep on reading because that is what this article is all about. I will be discussing simple network marketing strategies which will not only save you a lot of time and money but also rejection and embarrassment.

Are you interested? Great, let us proceed.

My first mlm lead generation tactic is this; do not approach anyone with your mlm opportunity. Not even family members, friend, acquaintances or strangers.

I am not joking. Do not approach anyone to join your network marketing business and here is why:

1. Statistics shows that your friends, family and most strangers would not join your downline. They would prefer see you succeed at multi level marketing before they believe mlm works.

2. Rejection and embarrassment is hard to bear. Here is a personal experience of mine. After becoming a network marketer my upline encouraged me to prospect my parents, so I did. Unfortunately, my father was totally against multi level marketing and even refused to speak to me. I later came to realize that other IBOs also face this type of rejection and embarrassment.

3. You will not have much of a private life. Everyone who comes within an arms length will make you uneasy. You will always be hard at work trying to generate a list of 10 to 12 mlm leads.

So what is my solution to this? It is simple. Do not go to prospects. Have prospects come to you.

When leads come to you it makes it a lot easier to sell them your mlm opportunity. For example Wal-Mart does not go to each potential customer and ask for sales. Yet still it is one of the most successful businesses of our time.

So how does Wal-Mart do it? Well, Wal-Mart successfully markets itself to attract prospects. As a result we go to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart does not come to us.

Do you think you can market yourself and your own mlm business? Being a network marketer will become so much easier if you can.

My second mlm lead generation tip is attracting the right prospects. So who are the right prospects? Or better yet, who are the wrong prospects?

The wrong prospects are the ones who have misconceptions of network marketing and should be avoided. They are:

1. The get rich quick people. These prospects are not prepared to work hard for the money. They want it all and now.

2. The hope buyers. They are usually not interested in learning about business and what it takes to be a winner. They become network marketers and hope that their financial situation would automatically improve.

So these are the prospects to avoid. Instead attract leads that are really passionate about being a businessperson, hardworking, creative and also innovative. You can do this by:

1. Positioning yourself as a professional in the eye of your prospects. This would bring an air of respectability and quality to your mlm business.

2. Attract the right prospects by advertising your mlm business in the correct market. For example: Entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons attracts prospects to her business with her reality show Life in the Fab Lane. She portrays herself as a professional and then communicates to her prospects via cable TV.

3. Then you interview the responses you get. You accept the serious persons into your network marketing business while rejecting the rest.

Now I am not encouraging you to start a reality show series but I do recommend you identify your target market (persons who are looking to start their own business) and attract your mlm leads from there.

So this brings me to my final point on mlm lead generation. It is this, learning to prospect many leads while using the time and effort it takes to prospect one.

This ability is called leverage (doing more with less). If you use leverage you will save a lot of time and money.

Develop or invest in a system that does this for you. Let the system sort through all your leads and alert you when those who are suitable are found.

Here is another example. Today many traditional companies implement a system called internet recruiting. This system receives the applications of potential employees via the net whenever vacancies arise. It evaluates these applications and matches them against the requirements of the vacant job position. When appropriate matches are found, it alerts Human Resources who then interview the successful applicants.

Do you think a system similar to this would be an asset in your mlm business? Think about it.

Market yourself and your network marketing business to attract leads. The interested persons enter their information into your system. Your system then informs you of the worthy prospects who you then interview.

This will allow you to prospect many mlm leads in the same time it will take to prospect one.

These 3 tips on mlm lead generation assisted greatly in my mlm business. I hope you too will find them useful. Good luck.
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