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Clickbank & CB Trends - an Affiliate Marketer Match For Success

Jul 1, 2008
Many people utilize Clickbank for their affiliate marketing product promotions research. It's easy to understand why. CB has over 50,000 products available on almost endless topics addressing many markets. Since it only handles digital products or digital services, it's an easy way to get started in affiliate marketing. However, how many affiliate marketers actually take the time to do the research to see if they are promoting profitable selling products from the Clickbank Marketplace?

So how do you find this information and what are you looking for? Having information available, but not knowing what is important is just as bad as not having information at all. In fact, it could be worse as it could cause you to go down the wrong path without realizing it.

Here comes CB Trends. Now the really cool thing about CB Trends is that it is free. You can gain the knowledge that you need to really pick the cream of the Clickbank crop and not have to spend any money to get there. You have the history of every Clickbank product at your fingertips, so start letting them do the walking.

CB Trends is an affiliate marketer's match for success with Clickbank. But it is a little more than just looking at the history of each Clickbank product. Once you learn the techniques of understanding CB Trends data, you will know what products are becoming more popular and which ones are losing popularity. You can also pull out a list of all the new products that were added to Clickbank for any given day. Knowing which products are new, which ones are popular, and then monitoring their progress, it will give an affiliate marketer an edge on their competition.

When reviewing products in Clickbank, is can be difficult to know by the gravity score whether the product is new or if it is unpopular. One of the phenomena of Clickbank is the Clickbank Wave. This is the art of locating a product at the beginning when it starts to gain popularity. This idea is to find them early and start promoting them as they gain popularity. Sometimes this can happen very quickly and a popularity score can go from 100 (not popular) to 10 (very popular) in just a few weeks. The concept is to get in early, get your promotions set, and then just "ride the wave" as the product gains popularity.

You won't find this information in Clickbank, but you will find it in CB Trends. You will be able to track the progress of a "Clickbank Wave" and then knowing when to "stop" promoting is another key. CB Trends gives you all of the information - graphs showing whether the product is gaining popularity, or is gravity score going in the right direction.

If you stay in too long, you can be spending money on a product that is not converting. In a way, it's kind of like the stock market. You need to know when to "buy" (promote) and when to "sell" (stop promoting). It's all about knowing your market.
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