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Clickbank - The Affiliate Marketer's Marketplace Dream Come True

Jul 1, 2008
Many affiliate marketers utilize Clickbank for their promotions. Since Clickbank is the largest provider of digital products on the internet, this only makes sense. But how many of these affiliate marketers actually take the time to do research on what are going to be the best products to promote. Do they look beyond what is the most popular or what has the highest gravity score? How many new affiliate marketer know that there is much more to picking a product?

How many affiliate marketers actually take a look to see if the product they are promoting with Clickbank is actually friendly to the affiliate marketer? Most new affiliate marketers only know to look at the popularity and gravity scores and then just start promoting the product. They do not realize that professional affiliate marketers will create their own landing page if they don't like the pitch page or if it is not affiliate marketer friendly.

An affiliate marketer friendly pitch page has a professional look, properly utilizes keyword density and has only ONE "out" off of the page. The "out" is what many new affiliate marketers miss when reviewing their product. They will just start promoting a product because it has high popularity or gravity scores, not realizing that they are just promoting for the publisher and not for themselves. When they don't make any sales, many will get discouraged and quit. So, the next time you review a pitch page, check to see if it has only any one of these "outs" included in the page.

Free newsletter opt-in box

o This is where the publisher offers a newsletter to anyone that signs up. It has been proven that it sometimes takes up to 6-7 emails or newsletters before someone will make a purchase. By getting the visitor to sign up for a newsletter, the publisher has the opportunity to get the 6-7 emails out to increase their odds of a conversion.

Free report opt-in box

o This is where the publisher offers a free report in exchange for an email address. Again, the advantage here is that the publisher can now send out several email promotions/communications that will increase their odds of making a conversion.
Free e-course opt-in box

o These have become very popular. A person signs up for a 3-5 part course from the publisher. Included in these e-courses are promotions, again increasing the odds of a conversion.

If any of these are on the page, it is human nature to sign up for the free stuff before making the commitment to purchase. Each of these allows the visitor an "out" which benefits the product owner (publisher) and not the affiliate marketer.

When reviewing a pitch page, the only "out" you want on the page is the one that takes the visitor to the purchase page. Now there can be several of these call to action "outs", but they should all lead to the same page - the one that actually takes the order.

So next time you are reviewing a Clickbank product for promotion, make sure it is affiliate marketer friendly. Remember - it's all about getting the conversion that benefits both the publisher AND the affiliate marketer.
About the Author
Ann Moss is a professional Clickbank coach for Mastermind Pros Success School , a leader in online training.
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