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Article Writing at the Speed of Sound

Jul 1, 2008
So, have you heard article writing is one of the fastest ways to make money online? It is...but does the hours it takes to write just a few articles really turn you off?

Stick with me, I'm about to reveal my secret to writing articles so fast it will leave you with your mouth hanging open.

Article writing has taken off like a rocket ship the last couple of years. Mainly for those in internet marketing who want to create a huge traffic surge to their landing pages to sell products through affiliate marketing, or newsletters.

My purpose here is not to go into detail exactly how writing articles helps you make money at home, but to tell you how to write articles at the speed of sound. If you are not sure how you use articles to make money at home with affiliate marketing, sign up for my free 3 day course below.

Once you have your article keywords ready, to write articles at the speed of sound simply do a search for top article directories. Then do a search inside of the directory of your choice for your keywords.

When you find a couple of articles you like print them out. Now all you have to do is make a good title and take parts of the articles you like and put them into your own words. Hold on... I haven't gotten to the best part yet.

Then all you have to do if you have a speech to text program is to talk to your computer and it will do the work of writing it out for you. This will save you countless hours putting together articles.

Now, I have used the most popular program Dragon Naturally Speaking and it turned out great. But...then I got a new computer with Windows Vista and guess what it had a speech to text program already in it.

Just go to your Vista start menu and search - speech to text - and you will find it. Both programs take hours to get working right, but don't get discouraged.

Both really do get a lot better at recognizing your voice commands the longer you use them and you may never get them to work 100% correct.

But a few touch ups here and there is much, much faster than banging the whole article out on your keyboard. Article writing for your internet marketing depends a lot on how many articles you can pump out to the directories to be picked up by search engines.

After you set up your speech to text program to work right, you should have no problems dominating just about any keyword if you put out enough good articles.

Now, you will be one of the fastest guns in the West writing articles to promote your online business. I share my best tips when I discover something in hopes you will use it and pass it on to anyone you know that runs and online business.

With billions of people on the Internet each day, I think there is enough room for all of us online entrepreneurs to share the wealth.
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