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On Becoming the Next Affiliate Marketer Millionaire

Jul 1, 2008
That may seem like a strange title to an article, but think about it, have you ever wanted to become the next internet millionaire? Have you ever wondered what it would take to be able to become a millionaire? There are many people just like you, but what is different between the current internet millionaires and yourself? Knowledge? Being smart? Having money to begin with? There are so many stories out there; it's really hard to separate fact from fiction. So what does it really take to become the next internet millionaire?

Let's start with the basics and develop a list of what that next internet millionaire must have.

1. Desire
2. Knowledge
3. Commitment

Desire - have you ever wanted something so badly, you would do just about anything to get it? That's what it takes here. You have to want it badly.

Knowledge - did our internet millionaire magically have the knowledge on what it would take to be successful on the internet? Or did he or she learn it? If the skills can be learned, what does it take to learn the skills? Where do find the people to teach you? It's all about finding the right coach or mentor to help you get started.

Many people trying to become successful on the internet think that they can just buy the ebook knowledge and put it to work and it will must magically happen. Reality Check #1 !!! If it was that easy, do you think these guru's would just give you all the answers? No!! They give you just enough to keep you seeking a little bit more, just enough so that you will buy the next ebook form them.

Commitment - are you committed to making your dream a reality? What does that commitment mean? Are you just going to "part time" this or are you really going to commitment yourself to this goal and strive day in and day out to achieve it. Reality Check #3 !!! Do you quit when it gets tough? Just so you know this is just like any other business out there. It gets tough at times. So enough about commitment. What do you need to do to succeed? That is really the question.

Tip #1 - find the best coaching and mentoring program that you can find. Make sure that they have your interest at heart, not just their pocketbook.

Tip #2 - some of the best coaching and mentoring programs out there will not break your wallet. It you are expecting something for free - think again - it's not going to help you that much. You need people with experience and a proven track record of success. You want mentors that are dedicated to their trade and practice it well. A note here - the best mentoring programs have more than one mentor.

Tip #3 - commit to a specific amount of time that you will spend building your new career. It's not going to happen overnight, so make sure you keep it realistic.

Now's the time. Have you made the decision? Are you going to become the next internet millionaire? Do you have the desire, the willingness to gain the knowledge, and the commitment to make it all happen?
About the Author
Ann Moss is a professional coach for Mastermind Pros Success School , a leader in online training.
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