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First Steps On The Internet - Hints And Tips

Jul 2, 2008
I have spent the last weekend researching and reading around internet marketing.Call me sad!What is it exactly? Is it something you or I can do to boost our incomes on a part time basis and perhaps even get a full time career from it?

Internet marketing seems to me to be a good way to make extra money while working in another field or it also can become a full-time business. If you want to work from home, to set your own hours, and earn a decent income, then Internet marketing may be the right for you. It will certainly be challenging but it will be a new adventure if you are up for it.You will be able to be creative and you will have to solve a lot of problems along the way but ultimately you will have more control over your career. By starting part time you can test and refine and keep the costs down.

So what does it mean? Simply selling goods and services online but not necessarily your own.

I started this process last October and have spent a considerable amount of money so far trying out various programmes. There are certainly a lot out there and some of them I wouldn't touch with a bargepole now, others are great for parts of what you need to know once you have the basics out of the way.

It certainly pays to sit down and work out an internet marketing strategy. There is no need to go full on and have an all singing all dancing website these days, but you can have a blog.However don't be fooled into thinking that you can get one up and running in a couple of minutes as some would have you believe. I have spent most of this morning sorting out bits and pieces in the background to one of my blogs for example,but there is no doubt that as an entry into marketing online they are quick and easy once you know how. It will pay to look at the tutorials and spend a bit of time on the basics. Obviously if you have more money than time, then you can pay someone else to sort it out for you but it is quite straightforward as long as you are prepared to spend a bit of time on it. Try http://www.wordpress.com, its free and simple to use.

Why blog?

Blogs help you feel part of a community.You connect with like minded people and once you have some expertise and share it in a blog, you connect with a lot more people and increase your chances of successfully marketing on the internet.

They can help boost your search engine optimization (SEO). Google loves blogs as they are content rich and regularly updated (or they should be)

They can allow you to sell products and services. Blogging has been around for many years now and has only been used comparatively recently as a way of making money online. They can certainly play a huge part in an internet marketing business.Blogs have become something of an art form and there are even competitions now to come up with the best of the year.With Wordpress and Blogger they are easy to set up but you do need to do a little work to get them running properly and even more work to get visitors to them.

By posting informative articles together with your more personal posts you can allow others to reprint it with your links to your blog and you can bring in organic traffic for free. If you are handy with a video camera and have a bit of experience around social networking sites then you can even have a video blog.

By posting a few times a week, you aim to keep a steady flow of people to your site and increase your rankings in the search engines.

Depending on the amount of time you have available to put into your online marketing strategy,you could build a blog, get affiliate links,get AdSense(more on this in later articles)and join forums. Really there is an endless list and when you take advantage of the many resources you have online, you will be able to control the amount you earn. It's a steep learning process but will be worth it long-term.
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