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Tips for a Sweat-Free Job Opportunity Quest

Aug 17, 2007
Many job finders tend to overlook job opportunities at job fairs. Most of the time, you will see job fairs to be crowded, confusing, and competitive events. However, these events offer you the opportunity to look for many potential and targeted employers all in one place and can eventually help you get your dream job.

Here are some steps that you should remember to get the most out of these job opportunities such as job fairs.

1. Always take time to do advance research. Your main goal is to target the most promising company at upcoming job openings. Get enough information on who are the employers that will participate in the job fair. Search the internet for added information about the employers. In this way, you can make a good and memorable impression if you know something about the company.

2. You should be prepared in filling out the application forms. There are companies that do not entertain resumes instead they accept and provide you application forms. When attending job fairs, you should always bring your pen and a copy of information you may need in filling out the application form on the spot.

3. You should always arrive early on job fairs. Ask for booth location map and make your own list on what companies to try first. Arriving early will also get you in and out early on the booths that may get too crowded. Make sure that you visit your targeted employers first.

4. You should prepare yourself for interviews. Companies may conduct short and on the spot interviews. You should be prepared to sell yourself on the spot. Make the best impression such as telling all your assets and skills you will bring to the company.

5. Dress in proper attire when you attend job fairs. First impression in an interview is important. Dressing, enthusiastic, and acting professionally are important aspects employers look at for qualified applicants.

6. Spend more quality time talking to a few prospected employers. Do not tend to waste your time dropping your resumes on booths. Take the opportunity to consider taking a short interview and make the most out of it.

7. Make sure that you remember all the companies you have dropped your resume. Always keep on track on where you have submitted your resume. You may collect for business and make a list of the contact numbers of the company you applied for. Make a follow call on the following day and ask if they put your resume on their active files.

8. In making follow up calls, make sure that you ask the customer representative properly and politely.

9. You may send thank you notes after the day of the event to each of the company you gave your resume. Even if there are no interviews conducted, this will make you standout to the many job seekers applied in the company.

Take the chance to attend job fairs and follow these tips. This will help you make your job hunt easier and successful. It is now up to you on how you will evaluate and assess the right job opportunity for you before accepting any job offers.
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