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Now You Can Earn From Something You Are Good At!

Jul 2, 2008
We first heard of the term "niche" in ecology, and it was used to describe the position that a species occupies in its environment, which in turn corresponds to its use of resources. For example, a crow may be a pest to farmers but it is also helpful for eliminating rodents in the field.

In today's market world, the term "niche" is also used to describe an activity which is best suited to a person's personality and character. For example, a funny person's niche is comedy. In turn, a market niche is that portion of the market which is focused and is easily targetable. An example of a niche market is sporting goods for young adults. Engaging in a niche marketing strategy means the addressing of the need for a product of service by a certain group of people. Compared to other internet marketing strategy, niche marketing is smaller in nature and it relies on the loyalty of its customer base to maintain some amount of profit. Bigger companies don't usually engage in such internet marketing tactics because of low returns but for small businesses, this provides a steady stream of income.

Focusing on a niche allows small businesses to expand its marketability by creating new products and services for their clients. In turn, this increases the number of referrals to the site and businesses are able to establish their names as leaders in their niche. Aside from this, businesses no longer have to give up their ideals in order to earn profit as their clients will definitely be attracted to the uniqueness that your company has to offer. Lastly, but certainly not the least, with the proper identification of a niche, entrepreneurs are able to employ their talents, skills and training to ensure the success of their business.

The success of this marketing strategy relies on the proper discernment of a venture's market niche. In order to do so, there are several questions that an entrepreneur needs to answer. Here are some of them:

* Where are you most credible?
* Where can you find people who will appreciate your work?
* Where is your work most needed?
* Who is naturally drawn to your type of work?
* Whose language do you speak?
* Whose needs can you address?
* Whose concerns can you easily serve?

Knowing your market niche allows you to adjust your efforts to meet the needs of your customers. Aside from this, you can gradually refine the processes that you use in order to serve the best interests of both your company and your clients. It is also easier for you to pinpoint targets and goals so you can ensure positive returns. Sure, there are disadvantages to niche marketing, but if you are new to internet marketing, this is the perfect way to go as this prevents wastage of resources.

Focusing on a niche may create some anxiety on your part since it could deprive you of other business opportunities. When you have succeeded in your own niche, you are bound to catch the attention of potential clients who are outside your niche. Sure, you will get offers and these you shouldn't reject outright but you need to be sure that you've defined precisely what you can do and what you can't do. In business, you can't be everything to everyone, keep that in mind always to avoid burnout and stress. The whole point of niche marketing is that you get to earn from something you are good at, and enjoy it too!
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