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Affiliate Marketing Is Like Hitting On A Woman

Jul 2, 2008
Niche research is one of the most important things that an affiliate marketer before doing a campaig. I would like to compare affiliate marketing with a woman and their similarities.

The Fugly Girl Scenario - Low Competition Niche

Fat or ugly girls are almost all the time NOT taken. This is where I compare to a niche that is not competitive. It only means that it is not that profitable for the big gamers to spend in their time. BUT, is a good training spot for newbies.

Like ugly girls, low competition niches require not too much effort to get into, and the return of your time is not that rewarding. You'll soon realize that you need to hit that hot niche someday.

Do you have the guts to stay with an ugly girl?

The Hot Girl Scenario - High Competition Niche

Always remember that a hot girl is always taken. If she isn't taken, there's something wrong or she's lying. Same goes for a niche, a hot and profitable niche is always competitive (or taken) its up to you if you want a piece of nice ass.

The same mentality is needed to take on a competitive niche like hitting on a hot woman with a boy friend. It's all about the confidence in yourself that you're man enough to take on the challenge. Never be afraid to take on competitive niche. Having a niche with tons of competition only means that its profitable!

Do you have the guts to hit on a hot girl?

Ms. Right - The Jackpot Niche

The jackpot niche is the niche in which less competition but highly profitable. These are like women that you know are beautiful but doesn't dress right or not groomed well or she (really) has no boyfriend. You know they have beauty and having them as your girl is a true jackpot. You know that sooner or later other guys will hit on her, so be sure to get to her first and give a good fight with the competitors. Just like in a niche, you want to be the first and demolish competition before they get the largest share of the profit.

Do you have the guts to keep a hot girl?

Affiliate marketing is a competitive field, playing safe in this industry will not do you any good return. Always remember that a highly competitive niche is where the money's at. That's why there are lots of people there. Don't be afraid to take on competitive niches just like getting to know a beautiful woman with a boyfriend.
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