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Search Engine Optimization And Sitemaps Effects

Jul 2, 2008
Search Engine Optimization is the process which improves the amount of traffic that a website receives naturally from the search engines. A website gets traffic from search engines when it ranks high for its targeted keywords. A ranking in the search result is not permanent as search engines frequently change their algorithms in order to provide the best search results and so, an individual needs to work consistently on his site so as to maintain the rankings and also, to improve the rankings.

However, it can take some good amount of time to see the desired results as there are already a number of websites on Internet and new ones are being launched at regular intervals. So, you need to work consistently without getting deviated from your target as you're competing against a large number of websites.

On-page optimization and off-page optimization are two forms of Search Engine Optimization and both of them are to be considered while optimizing a website. In on-page optimization, you've the control over the page and you modify the internal aspects of the page so as to optimize it. In off-page optimization, you don't have the control over the page that is linking to your website.

There are a number of factors that are to be considered while optimizing a website so as to improve its ranking. Title, keyword density, unique content, interlinking, anchor text, backlinks, sitemap are some of the key factors that are to be considered while optimizing a website. Each factor has its own importance and it needs to be properly used in order to rank high in the search results.

What's a Sitemap and what are its Benefits: Using a sitemap is one of the tricks that are usually underestimated while optimizing a website. If you're wondering what's sitemap then a sitemap is the map of the site as it's a page which displays the different sections of the website, articles and how the different sections are linked together.

A sitemap is very important as it is used to communicate with search engines. However, XML sitemap is used for search engines whereas HTML sitemap is used for human beings. Sitemaps inform search engines about changes to your site and this helps in faster indexing of the changes when compared to the site without a sitemap. In addition to faster indexing, sitemaps also helps an individual to fix the broken internal links. A website without a sitemap can also achieve high rankings as it's is not a strict requirement for achieving high rankings. Although having a regularly updated sitemap helps in improving the rankings at a better rate when compared to a site without one.

Now, if you're wondering how a sitemap is created and where it is placed then you can use sitemap generator tools to generate a sitemap for your website. Once you've the sitemap ready with you, you need to upload it to the server. Before uploading the sitemap, make sure your sitemap is absolutely perfect as an improper sitemap can cause de-indexing of the website. You can use online tools to check whether the sitemap is properly created or not.

Also, adding a link to the sitemap from the website's page helps in improving the rate at which the sitemap is crawled by the search engine spiders. You should also add the sitemap to your Google Webmaster account as this decreases your reliance on external links for improving the indexing rate. So, a sitemap is a very important aspect that should be considered appropriately while optimizing a website.
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