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All About Using Exhibition Equipment

Jul 2, 2008
People can often get exhibition equipment confused, perhaps they are new to setting up an exhibition and are not familiar with how they function. Things like banner stands, pull up banners, pop-up display stands, light boxes, digital display screens and many more, are all just a few things needed for putting up an impressive setup in any exhibition. These are so used to represent the company and are used as a way of drawing in attention from the public.

Most of this equipment are available at low cost and can be hired from practically any exhibition display professionals. Nearly all equipment is easy to assemble and need only one person to set them up. Some people may not know the difference between pull up banners and pop-up stands. The simple way of describing what the differences are is by the way they are set up/assembled and how they display the graphics on the banners.

Pull up banners are self supporting stands that give a vertical upright effect when put on display. They work by pulling out the graphic or banner from the bottom of the panel, which is then hooked up to a telescopic bar at the tip. This is self-supporting in that it is pulled out tightly, which is hooked from one end to the other. They look similar to a thin stand, almost like a strip of wallpaper, which is always has a digitally designed graphics display.

Most pull-up banners are around 2 metres tall and about 1 metre wide, which makes it an extremely versatile piece of equipment. They can be used for most sale companies, sales presentation, large exhibitions, display pieces for retail outlets, hospitals, shopping centre and much more. If portability is an issue, then pull up banners are ideal for people to use if they need to transport them from one place to another. In cases like these, it is important to buy banners that are light in weight and with a carry case.

Pop-up stands are pieced together and clipped onto its frame. They usually have separate parts to keep the stands supported. They can be large in size and generally act as the main piece of equipment to display the company brand and drawing the public attention towards the exhibitors. They can be in the form of towers, curved or L-shaped. Flat pop-up displays can incorporate LCD screens and plenty of extra posters and displays.

Both of these are good for attracting the right kind of attention from the public and are just as effective on their own. The idea for an exhibition is to display the company and their services, bringing in more business and showing off their brand. This is why it is important to know what display stands to use when holding a large event.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on pull up banners having used many of these for various different exhibitions.
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