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Keyword Sniping Explained In Depth

Jul 2, 2008
The idea here is to choose a single keyword, and to set up an entire site with the sole intent of ranking for that one keyword. This is a very effective yet intricate approach but it will work and you will make some cash too.

Although you can use keyword sniping to get ranked for almost any keyword, some keywords will be easier than others. Choose a specific keyword and you can get your ranking more quickly. It is rare to come across websites that are targeting a brand specific keyword with an entire site as most of them target brand specific keywords with a subpage. This will give you a huge advantage immediately and you will always be able to get better rankings if you build the site around a keyword.

There are paid services as well as free services that will do your keyword research for you. No matter what tool you use, you should be looking specifically for three attributes in a keyword and these services are very helpful because they know what to do and what to look for. Look for keywords that get searched at a couple hundred times per day, the lowest number of competing pages, the less the better, and that there is some particular value to the advertiser, think in terms of commissions. Some keywords will have more value than others.

When you choose a keyword, try to find something that a tech savvy person would not think of. A lot of keywords have more competition than most other keywords, and finding one without that level of competition will make your life much easier. Once you have chosen your keyword, you will begin the process of targeting and getting ranked for that keyword. In order to target that keyword successfully, you will want to create an entire website or blog around that keyword.

In regards to your website it is recommended that you add at least ten pages of solid content about the keyword of choice. This site will not be a blog but it will resemble a blog, the difference being that you will not have to post daily. As a matter of fact, have no dates appearing on it at all. Each of your ten pages should be created with the intent of giving a keyword link back to the homepage with your main keyword. Each page should have about 300 words of content and this can and usually is the hardest part, getting ideas for the content.

Branding your site around your keyword is one of the most important things you can do to target your keyword. There are some solid rules that you should follow in regards to keyword placement, if you do not then do not be surprised when people are constantly beating you into the ground. Always place an HTML title tag, H1 tag, a footer link that points to your homepage on every page in the site, and a link within each post to homepage with anchor text. If you use this approach you will be able to outrank even the biggest and most profitable companies because they are using a whole page to target one keyword rather than an entire website.
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