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Digital Media Products: Advantages of an eBay Store

Jul 2, 2008
Do you currently sell products on eBay? Do you sell digital media products (CDs and DVDs containing information, that typically can be in digital format without the CD or DVD medium), and have been forced to produce these because of the recent eBay digital product ban? If you're like most eBay sellers, you probably don't have an eBay store to showcase all of your products. Most novice or even some veteran eBay sellers either don't have the time or don't care to set up an eBay store for themselves and their products. It does take a little bit of design work to set up the store, however, there are benefits to having one than not. In this article, I will describe some of the benefits of having an eBay store to showcase and sell your digital media products.

An eBay store is simply a website that allows you to post all of the products you desire to sell on a single webpage. This can be used as a way to brand yourself on eBay. For example, if you sell an information product that teaches people how to reduce anxiety, then using an eBay store can allow you to exhibit yourself as an expert in the field. As you may know, there are tons of products on the Internet being sold by so-called experts. If you are a true expert and you have valuable information to provide to a specific niche audience, how you portray yourself has a lot to do with the success of your Internet business.

Another benefit of an eBay store is that when users search for products in the search bar, if what they search actually match what you are providing, your eBay store products will be listed in the search results page. Although they will actually be displayed at the bottom of the page (not along with all the other auction products), the mere fact that it is displayed for every relevant search, increases the chance of your eBay store being visited. A trick that most advanced eBay sellers use is actually doing two things -- set up an eBay store, and select featured products to be auctioned as well.

Using these two tactics, you maximize the chances of your products being showcased when a user searches for relevant terms on eBay. If your eBay store or some of your featured products are displayed in search results pages for the keyword "reduce anxiety," then the chances are of a sale of your digital media product is enhanced.

Aside from just the eBay store, there are also many other useful tools on eBay that you can use to promote your products. For example there is the eBay guide, which allows you to write useful content to further establish your expertise in a particular field. The extent and power of the eBay guide is so great, that a complete explanation will require an entire article.

If you are an eBay seller, and you are currently only selling your products via auctions, you are missing a large part of possible sales. Setting up an eBay store is simple, quick, cheap, and allows your digital media products to be showcased more often than if you were only running auctions, which results in more sales and more profit.
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