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Jul 2, 2008
When you submit article to a directory, it gets you a lot more than recognition. Find out the benefits of article submissions!

Articles can be submitted to various article directories or various website. When you submit article, bear in mind that you are doing so to promote not only your website but also its products and services.

This begs the question, why must you submit your articles to these directories?

Here are a few answers.

It's Free

Most website directories don't charge a single penny if you want to submit article. You just need to set up an account and get yourself verified. The article can then be submitted using a few simple steps. Within a few minutes your article is available in the article directory. The article can have a link directly to your website.

The Status of an Expert

Pick a subject that has some sort of connection with content on your website. Don't go for aggressive advertising of your products and services through your articles. Use subtle means, like providing more information about the product, the advantages and disadvantages of the service, tips etc. This would mark you as an expert in the field. This will go a long way in increasing your credibility which will then see a rippling effect on your site.

The Possibility of Fresh Content

If and when you submit article, it's like a fresh batch of content that you have composed for your website. This enables you to provide good quality content to your website that is not only configured for originality but also search engine optimization.

Free Product Promotion

The great thing about an article is that it can be used by others to promote your own website or your products. This can be done by using that particular article on their blog, newsletter, e-magazine, or website. On a blog, an article invites various suggestions comments and discussions about the ideas proposed in the article. This also makes for good exposure.

Earn Some Extra Income

Before you submit article, you will have to create an article. This has given rise to a whole new profession wherein, article writers are hired by companies or websites who want certain types of articles written for them. Lots of people, earn some extra income this way. So if you think you have good article writing skills, then there is a lot of demand out there for the likes of you.

Broaden the Market Scope

A good article is like a nugget of influence. You can try and capture a broader market segment when you submit article. After the article submission to a particular directory, you can use that content for the creation of an email newsletter. Also a collection of articles can be used for the creation of an e-book that can either be sold or given free of charge to the people who register on your site.

As can be seen, the importance of submitting articles to various sites and directories cannot be denied. It is a must if you want to promote your website in the right way. So do it and see your business grow.
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