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The Effects of Bulk Email Marketing On Your Business

Jul 2, 2008
Internet marketing has grown considerably over the past few years. There are a number of different strategies that you can use now to market your business online. In order to compete people have to get more and more creative with the ideas to get the information about their product across to their target audiences.

Email is one of the methods people are using in order to communicate to individuals and introduce their products and services. The methods, which are used to accomplish these, are called email marketing. Because email has become one of the most frequently used methods of communication both for personal and business use, it makes sense that it should also become a medium for marketing.

This is how bulk email marketing came into being. There are several definitions for the term bulk email marketing. The first is that it is a method by which information about products or services is presented via email to a large group of customers. This group of customers can be obtained through opt-in lists, mass marketing or through direct marketing methods. This is done by sending an email to an entire list of people rather than individually.

There are some people who believe that bulk email marketing is nothing more than spam. Spam has two definitions the first is that it is basically unsolicited junk mail for the internet. Similar to those weekly filers you probably receive in your regular mail and the second definition is a general term used for any unwanted emails. In this regard, Spam is usually both unproductive and can be considered unethical.

Bulk email marketing unfortunately is something in its beginning years was heavily abused by many companies as a result; most messages sent by commercial companies are viewed as spam. While bulk email may be effective this issue forms a difficult bridge to cross when using it as a form of marketing.

It can also be dangerous for your business. It becomes difficult to avoid being banned from the ISP servers. Many people see commercial mail and simply hit the this is spam, or report as spam. Once this happens you end up facing bans from the email services as they attempt to filter out known spam and user reported spam.

If this happens and you do manage to be banned because of reports of spam you may find that, even the search engines will start to ban your site. In some instances, you may end up with your website removed from its provider. This is why bulk email marketing can be a dangerous form of marketing for your business.

There are a few ways that you can avoid these dangers. One such way is by setting up an opt-in list and only sending emails to those people who sign up and agree to accept emails from them, and to include a message saying such and giving a link to unsubscribe in case they did not actually sign up. This can help protect you from having your bulk email marketing messages marked as spam.

To obtain an opt-in list consider the variety of methods that can be used in internet marketing to attract traffic to your website. Increasing your traffic will increase the number of people who opt-in to receive messages from you.
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