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Adsense Revenue: It Takes Time Like Any Other Business

Jul 2, 2008
Hype circulates the Internet marketing world about the great potential of Adsense earnings and how people have made fortunes in days, weeks and months of putting up a "secret" website or buying a new template.

While these claims of overnight success are not realistic, Google Adsense is a program with a great potential to bring a person a healthy passive income. It does, however, take study, commitment and work on the part of webmasters. They need to study trends, watch developments and continuously tweak and update their sites in the way they use Adsense.

Throwing some Adsense code on a website does not automatically translate into passive income generation for most webmasters. Income figures will vary from site to site based on a number of factors.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. Just like visitors drive product sales, so too do they drive Adsense clicks. The larger the number of potential customers visiting you site, the larger the possibility that they will click on your advertising. Adsense requires a significant amount of traffic on a consistent basis to be an effective revenue generator.

Webmasters can make their sites more Adsense successful by focusing their attentions on the content on their sites and how to make it more attractive. There is several ways to accomplish this task.

Improving content is essential, as traffic will not only visit but return to your site if the articles, blog posts and materials offered is informative and beneficial.

Your marketing must also include a relevancy check, meaning you can't market blue hampers to people looking for outdoor hammocks and vice versa. Getting targeted traffic improves the opportunity to give the site exposure and with quality material, building a decent mailing list, creating a newsletter and offering incentives for sign-ups.

Other ways to build a list include putting up a web form that allows visitor's interactivity on asking for more information as well as asking questions. All of this goes towards advertising and is free to implement. The more time spent on this, the faster visitors will increase.

Having SEO optimized content will get you more appealing and relevant contextual advertising from Google. If the Adsense delivered is highly relevant, the click through rate will increase because visitors will be interested in the advertising.

Adsense allows customization of the ads delivered in the form of size, font, color and shape changes. Make the Adsense units blend with your look and feel and place your advertising inside your content so that it naturally flows as part of the article.

The most popular Adsense unit to use is the 336x280 as it has been established that it gets the most clicks per ads served. Track closely the click through rate on each layout and look through the Adsense heat map that shows where the best ad positioning on the page is located.

Most ads are best received near the top of the website, ideally on the left side. Ads with more white space surrounding it also get more clicks than ads that are squashed between a myriad of distracting advertisements or text.

Webmasters have generated a good deal of income through the Adsense program, enough to cover hosting fees as well as other expenses that goes along with running a site.

Making the program return huge amounts of passive income takes both time and nurturing. While the rewards are potentially great, just like any business, it will take time to see results.
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