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How to Make Money Online As An Affiliate

Jul 2, 2008
Earning money online as an affiliate is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways of making money online. Being an affiliate is defined as a website that directs traffic to another website in exchange for a pre-determined fee or a percentage of the sales made. The most successful online merchants use affiliates to promote their sites.

Promoting affiliate programs can be a very profitable enterprise. However, you must be careful when choosing which programs to work with. There are an amazing number of affiliate programs online and choosing legitimate ones can be challenging.

How do you choose programs that will work for you? Setting some basic criteria and doing plenty of research before you join will make it much easier to locate affiliate programs that work for you. Some basic guidelines are listed below.

The first rule is to never pay to join an affiliate program. If there is a start-up fee, stay away from it. There are thousands of affiliate programs on the internet that are free. Search from those to find something that will work for you.

An important way to recognize a good, reputable affiliate program is by the commission rates they pay their affiliates. The affiliate program should have a generous payment structure. Focus your efforts on the programs that pay 50% or more in commissions. If an affiliate program pays out high commissions, it is a good indication that they sell in very high volume and are confident about the worth of their product.

Make sure customer support is a high priority for the program you choose. High quality affiliate programs value their affiliates and provide top-notch support for them. You should feel satisfied with the service and support you receive. As a rule of thumb, any queries you submit should receive a response within 48 hours.

The affiliate program you choose should have a well-organized statistics page for their affiliates that is easily accessible. The statistics page should list the number of sales, number of click-throughs, and the amount(s) you have earned. Information should be provided in real-time.

Before you join an affiliate program, know who your customers will be and what products they might purchase. It will be much easier to locate products if you know what your customer is looking for. Know your niche. For instance, if you have a website focused on health and beauty, you should only promote products that are related to health and beauty.

Since affiliate programs are all about marketing their products, make sure the affiliate program you are interested in supplies you with an extensive selection of marketing tools. There should be plenty of options to choose from such as text links, banners, email messages, article ideas, keywords, etc.

Once you have chosen the affiliate program that meets the above guidelines, go to their website and fill out the online application to become a member. The sooner you join, the sooner you will start making money.

As soon as everything is all set up, you can get to work on setting up your site, marketing it, and waiting for the money to come in. Remember, the key to actually making money from your affiliate programs is to promote, promote, promote!
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