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A Business Is A Family

Jul 2, 2008
A small business is like a child that over time will grow up and mature. It will have its troubles. Its growing pains and growth spurts. But hopefully over time it will grow up and become something that everyone can be proud of!

Most small businesses though will have employees. Whether it will be one, twenty, or a hundred these people will become the caretakers of the business. They'll be responsible for helping to nourish and guide it. And hopefully they'll take as much responsibility for it as you do. Some of your employees may actually be your own family members.

Now not all employees are going to feel the same about your business as you do but you might be surprised at how many actually do care. A small business is a chance for a lot of people to stretch their wings in a way. It can provide more opportunities and chances to try new things than most people would normally get in a larger organization. You will be forced at some point or another to give others more responsibility whether you want to or not. Otherwise you'll have to handle every decision that needs to be made. Over time your employees will feel that they have been empowered and are responsible for the welfare of the business.

The longer your business survives and thrives the longer you and your employees will be together. Some will come and some will go but many could be with you for years to come. You'll not only get to know your employees well but you may even get to know their families. Employee gatherings might become quite common. BBQ's may be held, holidays and birthdays will be celebrated. The accomplishments of your employees and those of the business as a whole will be cherished by all. And even the setbacks will be dealt with together.

Every one you employ will have a hand in the rise and maybe even the fall of your business. Some people will be only bit players and others will be costars in the saga of your small business. But all of them should be recognized for the role they play. Because your small business will come to play a large part in their lives and the lives of their families as well. Father's, son's, mother's, daughter's, and many more people will come to depend on your small business whether they work for you on a daily basis or not.

The sheer number of people that may come to depend on your business whether directly or indirectly is often overlooked. Many business owners fail to realize when they hire employees how many other people may be affected. Or if they do know how many people depend on the business they will soon take it for granted or worse yet they simply may not care.

Often in small business the employees come to see themselves as a family. They share many things just as a family does. You as an owner need to recognize that and appreciate it for what it is. It's that family that can make your small business a success. And it's a success that everyone should be allowed to enjoy.
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