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Can Your Business Whip Goliath?

Jul 2, 2008
It is a fact, that there is a start up business today that is going to be the next generations Fortune 100. Absolutely.

Will it be your business? It could be.

What is it going to take? Working hours on end behind your PC, slogging from door to door, shuffling spreadsheets, being aggressive with suppliers, working with your business coach, and never seeing your family? Maybe.

What it really takes to succeed against the biggest and the best is in simple economic terms a comparative advantage. What special sauce do you have to take business way from Wal-Mart or Ford? OK, so you think you have that?

The bigger companies on the planet, not only had decided niches, but they have spent billions of dollars on systems. Have you seen advertisements in all the airports about SAP, Oracle? How Accenture can give you Tigers ability to win? What's that all about? Systems. This is the secret strawberry on top of the secret sauce.

In business today if you're not as smart as you can be about systems you are toast.

If your staff are not one hundred percent working on systems you have a long way to go. This is from the simplest web business to a manufacturing facility. Simple web businesses can automate parts of their business, putting it all onto an overriding system is a next step. Manufacturing, services, software companies often have a hodge-podge of programs sometimes they have a few integration points to get information from one program to the next. They have no clear view across the business. This is the start of failure not success.

If you believe your business is going to challenge Goliath, you need to consider systems, very seriously. End to end, or enterprise systems are terms you will hear. This means that within one piece of software you can view everything that occurs in your business. No need for integrations. No need for multiple packages; no need for spending on all the tech services and programmers you have been spending on!

With advanced enterprise systems now available as on line Software as a Service models new and smaller companies don't have to join the arms race to compete. Existing mid size companies are finding that they can use these systems and outperform their business plans! Sales increase due to better data available to sales people, no orders fall though the cracks. People enjoy working in an organized environment. Fancy that as an added bonus!

These systems were a huge investment for the fortune 100 companies a few short years ago can be yours for less than an assistant salary per year! With an online, or on demand system, you don't need IT staff to manage it for you. Network and associated hassles? Nope, internet access is all that is required to work from anywhere. Back-ups? Well, you know you never did a good job with those anyway! Done, for you as part of the deal. Disaster recovery? Why pay thousands for something totally unnecessary? Your business maybe down and out but your system is just fine. If you live in a hurricane or tornado area, this may just cinch the deal!

Call up Google and search for on demand ERP systems. Yes Sir, there are a bunch of them but only a very few have the secret sauce. You need to find a system which has more than a few hundred clients. Look for clients in your industry, perhaps even industry leaders. Then talk to consultants. Talk to people who know the systems before talking to the system provider and their staff.

Good Luck. Here is to your Fortune listing!
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