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Free Website Content, Endless Free PLR-Find It Fast!

Jul 3, 2008
The ability to download free website content and endless free plr is normally just a few short clicks away. On the other hand, some people may not realize all of the great resources available to them literally at their disposal. Being green to online marketing is something all of us go through, but, take heart in the fact that there is fantastic opportunity for finding fabulous content.

While it is safe to assume you will be able to find free website content and endless free plr, we cannot get by the fact that you must be concerned about duplicate content issues.

A question some of you may be asking is, "How much do I change my content, so we don't have problems with duplicate content?" Lots of people have been trying to peg down the exact answer to this question for a lot time, but, there simply isn't a valid answer. Some marketers will tell you 30%, others perhaps 50%. There are even some marketers that swear you need to switch it up a whole 75%. Maybe some people won't take this advice soundly, but, personally at least 30% should keep everything in check for you.

Is your content changed enough? You will need to use the varied sites or tools to check this out for yourself. One of your choices may be to use a web site such as Article Checker, which could be found doing a search on Google. If you are in a hurry, this site will bring you the results you are after very quickly. One of the things I'm grateful for is that I've gotten my hands on some great desktop softwares which help me in this regard.

If you are only using this content for your web site or blog pages, you are seriously not taking complete advantage of the many uses. Making reports with the content could help you greatly. This is one of the preferred methods used by many people for building an opt-in mailing list. If the content is used in this way it really isn't necessary to switch up to content at all if you didn't want. Using content for free reports and the like isn't going to be indexed by the search engines so we don't need to worry about duplicate content. Also, instead of using this content in this way, you could also be using if for an email series for your subscriber base. Duplicate issues aren't a factor if you are using this content in this fashion either, unless it's more of a personal preference on your part.

It shouldn't be hard for you to see by now, just how many cool uses there are for using content such as this. Really, when it comes right down to it, using free website content and endless free plr found all over the internet, only you can stop yourself from using it to your full advantage!
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Davin Ogden is an accomplished affiliate marketer and viral marketing strategist. Find out more on free website content endless free plr and innovative viral marketing techniques from his own blog. Get a complimentary email course teaching you to Focus On Your Profits to help you with your online success now.
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