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Starting A Greeting Card Business Without Going Broke

Jul 3, 2008
Starting a greeting card business, like any other business, can drain your bank account if you are not careful about what you buy and don't buy.

I would like to share some advice from running my own home based greeting card business that you might want to consider when you start a greeting card business. These tips are in no certain order of importance.

For me, I run my greeting card business through an online service that lets me send physical cards in the mail with my own handwriting but I understand that many of you reading this article might be making custom greetings cards so I will touch on those
as well.

Personally, I think you should start off by deciding how much time and money that you want to put into your new venture. This will have a influence on running your business on a budget.

Is this a part-time gig to pay off bills or maybe a hobby? Is this something that you want to replace your full time career?

Those are the questions that you need to ask yourself. Once you know the answers, you can decide on what you want to spend your money on. Here are some basic items you will need.

Having a computer is a given since you will be designing cards on the computer and printing them out. I would like to add that I think having a computer with an Internet connection is crucial to marketing as well since the Internet opens your business up to millions of potential prospects.

Having a website is another tool that I would say is essential to growing your greeting card business. You need a place to send people to get information. I call it a home base. This website will do 90% of the selling for you. If you want to see an example of a successful greeting card site then see below.

You can get an account at homestead.com for $5.95 a month and be up and running within hours. This is a great beginner site and it is for the person who wants to get up and running without breaking the budget.

I personally use a software called SiteBuildIt that runs my online greeting card business. I am a huge fan because I get so much free traffic to my site. This software runs about $25 per month.

Of course if you are making custom greeting cards then you will need some supplies. If you shop around online, you can get some great deals. Don't buy a ton of supplies at first. Just get enough to get some sample cards made to show to people.

If there is one tool that I think is crucial to your success, it would be having a list management service to keep up with all your prospects and customers. It is so important to keep up with a list of prospects who might be interested in your greeting cards because people buy at different times.

If you are sending an email out to them to remind them of what you do, you are more likely to get their business.

The two best services out there are Aweber and Contstant Contact. I use both. What I don't like about Constant Contact is that the service does not have a built in autoresponder that follows up for you with preloaded messages. I am all about automating my greeting card business as much as possible.

I hope these tips are helpful to you as you are starting a greeting card business for yourself. If you would like to take a free ecourse on starting a greeting card business then go to google and type in "greeting card ecourse" for more information on the greeting card business.
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David Dutton is author of a free ecourse on starting a greeting card business which you can check out on the starting a greeting card business ecourse page.
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