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How To Market? Internet Marketing Is the Key

Jul 3, 2008
Better late than never. You finally jumped into the arena and started your own business. Super. But you seemed to have misplaced the how-to manual so what's next?

In the old days you could choose to cold call or go door to door trying to sell your product or service. You could choose to hire advertising experts to create a flashy but expensive advertising campaign. Maybe you were one of those who used the postal service to mail offers and flyers about your company to the general public.

You'll be glad to know that none of the above is necessary today. Why not? We now have the internet. Since the advent of the internet a small business owner can compete with much larger competitors in terms of utilizing some smart internet marketing methods. In doing so you save money on your advertising budget while putting profits from sales into your pocket faster.

An essential component of your own business is putting up your own website, which is nowhere near as expensive as it used to be. If cost is a concern, there are a lot of businesses available today which have their own website and would love for you to join them. Caveat: Even if you join a business with a website, you want to be able to control your own customer lists so create either your own website or your own lead capture page which links to the site.

Much to the chagrin of old school advertising executives the internet offers an almost limitless list of advertising methods from which to choose and we will discuss several in this article. If you are trying to save money you are in luck because a lot of these methods are free. Banner ads is one example. I would prefer writing and posting free ads which are not banner ads. In my experience people usually pay more attention to the smaller ads as they appear more credible. There are sites available online which allow you to post either an unlimited number of free ads or many for free. Then there are some which charge a nominal fee.

A great way to attract more traffic to you site is to give away something for free. I'm not talking about a toaster here. Writing a free e-newsletter which provides unique and interesting advice to the reader works like a charm in getting more visitors to your site. A better example may be giving away free e-books. The advantage here is you only have to write it once. Be sure to include a link to your website or lead captue page.

Most entrepreneurs are so focused on marketing their own product or service they often miss one of the best and most profitable strategies available on the internet today. I'm talking about affiliate marketing. What is it, you ask? Simply put, you sign up as an affiliate on certain other people's sites to refer their product or service to the visitors on your site. You can create an affiliate link on your site to several other sites and receive commissions when your traffic buys from the other site. Some people who visit your site may never become your customer but you can make money from them anyway if they buy from a site on which you are an affiliate. And what about the people who are already your customers? Who says you can't cross-sell more than one thing to the same customer?

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