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To All Frustrated Network Marketers

Jul 3, 2008
Do you regret becoming a network marketer? Or can you think of more reasons for quitting than remaining an independent business owner?

Before you make that decision to quit or not, take a look at this article. It may prove to be a major turning point in your mlm business.

Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So my advice to you is change the way you run your network marketing business.

Here are some changes I recommend that you should consider. Stop listening to your upline, attending open meetings and chasing prospects.

It may sound crazy but what do you have to lose. If those mlm strategies work then you would not be so frustrated. Trust me you do not have to fake it to make it.

The key to having mlm success is traffic. Without traffic your network marketing business will suffer.

Traffic is the ability to make your mlm leads and product customers come to you instead of you going to them. If you can accomplish this you will no longer be a frustrated network marketer.

Here are two examples. The first one is about Mc Donalds (a traditional business) and the other will be based on multi level marketing.

Most Mc Donalds fast food restaurants are located on busy street corners and prime spots in cities world wide. Why do you think this is so? Because there is always traffic on busy street corners. Therefore Mc Donalds chances of making sales everyday are very high.

Do you agree? Okay. Let us look at a multi level marketing example.

After the plan showing at the open meeting is over, who do the invited guests gather around? More times than not the answer will be the speaker (especially if his public speaking ability is good).

Why is this so? Well, the guests view the presenter as a professional who knows exactly what he is talking about. Therefore he will get that traffic coming to him the moment he steps off the stage.

Now think about this. Would you be less frustrated and more successful at network marketing if you can personally command on a regular basis the same amount of traffic as the presenter at the open meeting?

Of course it will help and I will show you how to do it. Just remember changes are required if you are to make a difference in your mlm business.

My first tip on generating traffic is being professional. That is why I earlier advised you against chasing after leads. I do not think it is professional to go around asking people to join your money making venture. Discussions about money, religion, and politics always end in arguments. This is why many network marketers face rejection and embarrassment.

So, be a professional like the presenter in the open meetings. He does this by giving away information to prospects who are already interested in network marketing. If they were not interested they would not forego the comfort of the homes to see the plan.

You can give away information about yourself and your mlm business by using ads and articles. Place them in forums where persons go to learn about home based businesses or mlm opportunities. Deliver good, solid and useful information and these prospects will view you as a pro.

Furthermore, they will come to you with questions and enquiries about your mlm business opportunity. You will generate traffic on a regular basis just like the presenter or Mc Donalds.

Now that you know how to generate the traffic, how will you deal with all these prospects flocking to you at once? This is a problem that traditional businesses also face.

Did you know that the reason why 90% of traditional businesses fail in the first five years is due to rapid growth? The amount of customer traffic is too much for most businesses to deal with. Therefore they lose out on sales and are force to turn customers away.

So how will you deal with all the traffic that you will attract to your mlm business? Well, understand that you cannot do everything manually. You will require some leverage.

Leverage is the ability to do more work using less time, money and effort. So you will certainly need some form of leverage.

Investing in an automated system is a great way to leverage. I always advise network marketers to do this. If you read my other articles you will notice that I mention systems every time.

Robert Kiyosaki also stresses on systems in his self development books. He states that they are more important than products and I am in full agreement.

An automated system in your network marketing business should operate on a 24 hour basis and also interact with the prospects you generate. So no matter how many mlm leads flock to you, your system will take care of everyone.

So, by now you should have an idea on how to attract your mlm leads. It is very simple but not easy. You are still required to work hard at your network marketing business. There is no substitute for hard work.

Follow these steps and I guarantee everything will be alright. Your mlm business will grow faster and you will be able to see greater results.
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