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Are Office Gifts a Major Part of a Healthy Work Ethic?

Jul 3, 2008
We all know that if you get a gift you will probably be happy for the rest of the day. Whether it is your birthday or any other occasion any human being will be happy with a surprise. So should this great attitude and aspect be taken into the workplace? The simple answer is yes. If there was a gift exchange set up in your office on a monthly basis, then the workers would have something to look forward to, instead of the same old routine day in day out. So what do you decide to get your colleagues every single month? Let's take a look.

Firstly check what the occasion is, if it's just the monthly routine present it will not be that hard to choose, but if it's also combined with a colleague's birthday or anniversary than you will have to be a bit more careful on what you choose to buy them. You will not want to be buying them a key ring for there birthday. So make sure you note down there date of births.

Secondly we would look at familiarity, you are more likely to receive a bigger gift from someone that you get on with well in the office. Let's just put it this way, if you genuinely argue with someone in your work place they are more likely to get you a pound gift, whereas your real friends would probably splash out considerably more. Remember to put considerable thought into your decision to buy a good present, maybe break it down into categories as follows:

Everyday Items are great for anyone, they always come into use, whether it's for use in the bathroom or the kitchen, these are always well cherished gifts. Decorative collectables are also a great winner, ok it is agreed they are not of much use but they do look superb and are not very costly. Finally remember to split the genders into two as you don't want to be buying makeup for a boy and aftershave for a girl.

So if you own a business or are an office manager. Firstly you should decorate your offices in a great manner to create a warm and welcome feeling for your colleagues and then look at introducing the buy a gift scheme into the work place. This will not only give your self more motivation but it will cause a better environment in the work place. Unless of course they get you nothing!
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