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The Dreams Of A Sixteen Year Old

Jul 3, 2008
Thinking of my dream business is very hard as many ideas pop into my head. There are so many sectors of the business world to think about. For example, you have travel, including world tours and tours to famous landmarks, as well as being a travel agent or be involved within resort activities and events. There is also the media sector which falls under a big area that includes newspapers radio and TV.

To start with you've got to decide what you are personally interested in and in my case I am most interested in the motor industry and cars. I have spent all my life admiring and reading about most forms of motorsport including Formula 1 and touring cars. But I am also interested in exotic supercars such as Ferraris and Porsches. For a dream business then I would have to own a privately run company that sells very exotic rare classic and fast cars to members of the public whether it be celebrities or just average people. These classic cars may include old Rolls Royce's and Bentleys as well as Aston Martins.

I would own a showroom near a peaceful town in the countryside maybe Yorkshire and lead a very normal life. To advertise the business I would place advertisements in the papers such as The Sun or the Daily Mail, as well as well known car magazines such as Auto Trader and Auto Sport. I would also set up a website on the internet that advertised my business and what I do. I would also give a list of stock that the customers would be allowed to see and inquire about the vehicles.

The customers could pay for the cars in two ways. The first method would be to set up a deposit on the car and then pay monthly instalments to the business until the car has been paid for fully. The next method would be to use a credit card or cheque to pay for the vehicle, but all methods of payment would have to be made at the showroom meaning the customers would have to travel to the showroom from wherever they live. To arrange appointments to view/buy the car are done privately through phone to ensure that it is 100% confidential.

If the customer needed more persuasion to buy the car then i would offer them a quick 15 minute test drive allowing them to experience the power and style of the car and to give them an experience of what its like to own such an exotic or classic car. We would also offer home delivery of the car or they could drive the car home themselves once bought.

I would consider making my business international but overall I think I would keep to one showroom in the UK and I would invite customers from other countries in Europe and North America. For North America I would arrange for the car to be shipped or flown across the Atlantic and for Europe the customer could drive or could be flown as well.

In conclusion, my dream business will be privately owned with one car showroom in the UK and in that showroom I would have exotics, classics and rare cars. I would privately invite customers to the showroom after they have inquired and they can purchase these cars in the methods stated above. The business would be on offer to my family so if my son/daughter would want to continue the company then I would pass it down to him/her.
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Business expert Catherine Harvey talks to youngster James Parker about his ideal business for the future.
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