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How Many eBay Accounts Do You Have?

Aug 17, 2007
If you use eBay as a means of generating income, you want to have more than one eBay account. Yes, eBay does allow multiple accounts. The only requirement that eBay has regarding multiple accounts is that each account have a different email address. This could change, so be sure to keep current with eBay policy.

By having multiple eBay accounts, you can set up one account to buy from and one account to sell from. When you do this, you are protecting your seller's account from negative feedback.

How does this protect you from negative feedback? Let's say you make a purchase on your buyer's account and the product is defective. You contact the seller and he is less than cooperative. Sound familiar? You can leave negative feedback for this seller without fear of them leaving bad feedback for you and it affecting your seller's account. Why? Because you didn't use your seller's account. You used your buyer's account.

You can also have several eBay accounts that you sell from. Design each account around a different niche. By doing this, you can become an "expert" in each niche. You can generate a lot of extra money by having more that one niche that you sell in.

Design your About Me Page around each niche. You can earn more in back end sales when you are seen as an expert. Set up a website around each of your eBay niche accounts. You can direct traffic from your About Me Page to your websites. Just be absolutely certain that the items you sell on your website are not the identical items you are selling on your eBay auctions. That is against eBay policy.

For example, if you are selling digital cameras on one of your eBay accounts, you could sell accessories for digital cameras on your website. You can have another eBay account set up to sell pet supplies, and direct them to your website might be selling pet food. You could also have a website that offered affiliate products related to your eBay auction. As long as it is not the same item that is in your auction.

eBay always has the right to shut an account down. eBay can also impose a "black-out" of your account. If you unintentionally violate policy and your seller's account is shut down, it could cost you a lot of money in lost sales.

By having more than one eBay account, you have certain amount of protection. You can move over to one of your other accounts and start selling from it. This eliminates the need to start with zero feedback.

Please be aware that even if you have several accounts and you violate eBay policy, this will not protect you. If eBay closes one account they will search for other accounts using your IP address or name and could close them also.

Always keep current on eBay policy. They can change anything at any time. Ignorance of a policy change is not an acceptable excuse if you commit a violation.

The moral here is to never, ever violate eBay policy.
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