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You Must Protect Your Affiliate Links

Jul 3, 2008
Affiliate Links are a better idea, especially when the product you are pushing fits in the context of what you are blogging about. But how many people typically click on your links?

Affiliate links work best in the context of the information contained within the website . For instance, if a website is about "How to make a website", within the content an affiliate link leading to a merchant's ISP site would be appropriate.

Affiliate links can be hijacked , this occurs when someone, usually another affiliate, uses their own affiliate link to purchase the product you're promoting. For example, let's say I read about a product on your site and decide to check out the product's main sales site by clicking on your link.

Commissions you make are paid monthly via check, not more than 45 days after the end of the month in which the transaction took place. If you do not reach the minimum payment amount in any given month, the amount earned is rolled over to the next month, until you have enough to qualify for payment.

Some companies respond by changing the domains of its affiliate links often in order to stay ahead of anti-spyware updates. Since computers running these programs can't set or read cookies for these blocked domains, many affiliate commissions are being blocked.

Redirect your cloaked links to any website of your choice. Bypass merchant's squeeze page, and send customers directly to the sales or order page.

Redirecting affiliate traffic through multiple domains. The examples shown above include direct be fast and link synergy links in 180 server instructions to 180 software as installed on users' PCs.

Create to file, replacing the variable and the afflaite links with your own, and save it as link.php. Upload this file to the root of your web directory on your server.

Create a unique link to your event registration page then send the link to an affiliate to use for promoting your event. Using the affiliate link, you will be able to track visits to the registration page, tickets sold and amount generated from each of your affiliates.

Creating a presell page and offering your thoughts on the product instead of blindly linking out to an external site capitalizes on the trust you've already gained.

Remember to protect yourself from affiliate hijackers, this can cost you a lot of money, and you won't even know it's happening, affiliate marketing is a good way to earn extra income, but just protect yourself.
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Protect Your Affiliate Links
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