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Jul 3, 2008
If your in the San Diego area and your looking for a really good Marketing company there are a few that you can take a look at. Notice I haven't tried any of these I'm just going by some reviews I read online and whatnot. If your not going to market your site yourself then its a really good idea to get someone else to do it for you. That way at least you will have something going on, "promotion" wise. In this day and age we should really all know by now how important it is to take this initial step. But if you don't, here's a few quick little ways again (not ALL the ways) as to how you really should consider marketing your business either online or offline:

Have a signature link either in your emails or in forums
Make your navbar not only people friendly but Search Engine friendly
Submit Your Web page URL to Search Engines
Back links & Directories
Search Engine Optimization
Write articles
Begin a blog
Start a newsletter

Now onto some of the business located in San Diego that are marketing firms or companies looking to help people market themselves -

eVisibility -
Sponsored Search Engine Marketing
Media Planning
Web Production
Marketing Consulting

eVisibility has a lot to offer plus they have really good prices for what you get. And if your not so sure yet you can receive a media kit from them to either your home or to your email address. This just includes all their company information and statistics. Probably a good thing to check out if your planning on working with them or want to know what they are about a little better. Oh I almost forgot, they also offer a free analysis for your website, which I just did right this very second to see what kind of info they give me!

HighRankWebsites -
Web Design
Directory submissions
SEO Training

I really like that last option a lot. They train YOU how to optimize your own site and bring it "in house" rather than having to get someone else to do it for you. Optimization techniques aren't a one time thing, nor is there a %100 chance your going to optimize your site right the VERY first time. Sometimes it takes a few tweaks here and there to get everything just right. You want people to love your site but you also want to appeal to Search Engines, don't forget this! HighRankWebsites also offer a blog so you can read what they've been up to.

MJEMarketing -
Positioning strategies
Ad design
Direct mail
Public relations
Sales promotion

This website specializes only in marketing techniques, so this would be a good one if you weren't interested in all the other stuff that's not even relevant to what you want and you just want someone to focus completely on the marketing aspect of the site. This company also has tons of well known clients, so with that said the prices might be a little different but you can be sure they will help you do whatever it is you need with marketing your site!

Just remember if you cant do this by yourself or have no idea how to do this yourself. There are people out there either business's or individuals that know how to do all this and not just how to do it but how to do it so your site is set to get the optimum amount of visitors to view your site. These people (if you choose the right ones) will market your site to the best of their knowledge, and you will get traffic plus repeat traffic. I wish you luck in finding the perfect business to market your site!
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